descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 27 Apr 2017 20:21:07 +0000 (13:21 -0700)
2 hours ago  Vikas VishwakarmaHBASE-17877 Improve HBase's byte[] comparator. master
21 hours ago  Karan MehtaHBASE-17965 Canary tool should print the regionserver...
21 hours ago  ckulkarniHBASE-17448 Export metrics from RecoverableZooKeeper
21 hours ago  Thiruvel ThirumoolanHBASE-16942 Add FavoredStochasticLoadBalancer and FN...
25 hours ago  zhangduoHBASE-17873 Change the IA.Public annotation to IA.Priva... hbase-12439
27 hours ago  Chia-Ping TsaiHBASE-15583 Any HTableDescriptor we give out should...
39 hours ago  zhangduoHBASE-17956 Raw scan should ignore TTL
2 days ago  Balazs MeszarosHBASE-15143 Procedure v2 - Web UI displaying queues
2 days ago  Xiang LiHBASE-17947 Location of Examples.proto is wrong in...
2 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-17952 The new options for PE tool do not work
3 days ago  Yi LiangHBASE-17933: [hbase-spark] Support Java api for bulkload
3 days ago  lv zehuiHBASE-17514 emit a warning if thrift1 proxy user is...
4 days ago  tedyuHBASE-17302 The region flush request disappeared from...
5 days ago  Chia-Ping TsaiHBASE-17943 Addendum increases the threshold value...
5 days ago  tedyuHBASE-16314 Retry on table snapshot failure during...
6 days ago  Colm O hEigeartaighHBASE-17944 - Removed unused JDK version parsing from...
20 hours ago rel/1.1.10 Tag 1.1.10
3 days ago rel/1.3.1 Apache HBase 1.3.1 release tag
8 days ago 1.1.10RC0 Tag 1.1.10RC0
2 weeks ago 1.3.1RC1 HBase 1.3.1 RC1
3 weeks ago 1.3.1RC0 HBase 1.3.1 RC0
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.5 HBASE-17700 tag release for HBase...
8 weeks ago 1.2.5RC0 HBASE-17700 tag 1.2.5 RC0
8 weeks ago rel/1.1.9 Tag 1.1.9
2 months ago 1.1.9RC0 Tag 1.1.9RC0
2 months ago rel/1.3.0 HBASE-15341 1.3 release umbrella
3 months ago 1.3.0RC0 HBase 1.3 RC0 tag
3 months ago rel/0.98.24 rel/0.98.24
4 months ago 0.98.24RC0 0.98.24RC0
4 months ago rel/1.1.8 Tag 1.1.8
4 months ago 1.1.8RC0 Tag 1.1.8RC0
5 months ago rel/1.2.4 HBASE-16748 release 1.2.4
2 hours ago branch-1.3
2 hours ago branch-1
2 hours ago master
19 hours ago branch-1.1
25 hours ago hbase-12439
2 days ago HBASE-16961
3 days ago branch-1.2
2 weeks ago HBASE-14850
7 weeks ago 0.98
4 months ago HBASE-7912
4 months ago hbase-14439
5 months ago branch-1.0
15 months ago 0.94
19 months ago hbase-14439-experimental
2 years ago HBASE-12259
2 years ago 0.89-fb