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last changeWed, 22 Mar 2017 19:07:49 +0000 (03:07 +0800)
7 hours ago  Chia-Ping TsaiHBASE-17815 Remove the unused field in PrefixTreeSeeker master
24 hours ago  chenyechaoHBASE-17807 correct the value of zookeeper.session...
29 hours ago  Michael StackUpdate home page to say hbasecon2017 is on google campu...
36 hours ago  tedyuHBASE-17798 RpcServer.Listener.Reader can abort due...
39 hours ago  eshcarHBASE-17655 Removing MemStoreScanner and SnapshotScanner
2 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-17812 Remove RpcConnection from pool in AbstractR...
2 days ago  CHIA-PING TSAIHBASE-17805 We should remove BoundedByteBufferPool...
2 days ago  brandboatHBASE-16014 Get and Put constructor argument lists...
2 days ago  Michael StackFix hanging tag on site resources page
2 days ago  Michael StackAdded hbase high performance cookbook to the book resou...
2 days ago  Apekshit SharmaHBASE-17582 Fix broken drop page cache hint (broken...
2 days ago  Jan HentschelHBASE-16084 Cleaned up the stale references in Javadoc
2 days ago  tedyuHBASE-17806 TestRSGroups#testMoveServersAndTables is... hbase-12439
2 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-17691 Add ScanMetrics support for async scan
3 days ago  Michael StackHBASE-17802 Add note that minor versions can add method...
3 days ago  Chia-Ping TsaiHBASE-17803 Addendum fix NPE
3 weeks ago 1.2.5RC0 HBASE-17700 tag 1.2.5 RC0
3 weeks ago rel/1.1.9 Tag 1.1.9
4 weeks ago 1.1.9RC0 Tag 1.1.9RC0
5 weeks ago rel/1.3.0 HBASE-15341 1.3 release umbrella
2 months ago 1.3.0RC0 HBase 1.3 RC0 tag
2 months ago rel/0.98.24 rel/0.98.24
2 months ago 0.98.24RC0 0.98.24RC0
3 months ago rel/1.1.8 Tag 1.1.8
3 months ago 1.1.8RC0 Tag 1.1.8RC0
4 months ago rel/1.2.4 HBASE-16748 release 1.2.4
4 months ago 1.2.4RC1 HBASE-16748 tag 1.2.4 RC1
4 months ago rel/1.1.7 1.1.7
4 months ago rel/0.98.23 0.98.23
5 months ago 1.2.4RC0 HBASE-16748 tag 1.2.4 RC0
5 months ago 1.1.7RC1 1.1.7RC1
5 months ago 0.98.23RC0 0.98.23RC0
7 hours ago master
35 hours ago branch-1
36 hours ago branch-1.3
2 days ago HBASE-16961
2 days ago hbase-12439
4 days ago HBASE-14850
6 days ago branch-1.2
8 days ago branch-1.1
2 weeks ago 0.98
2 months ago HBASE-17081
3 months ago HBASE-7912
3 months ago hbase-14439
4 months ago branch-1.0
5 months ago HBASE-16264
9 months ago asf-site
14 months ago 0.94

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