descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 26 Jun 2017 09:27:09 +0000 (17:27 +0800)
57 min ago  Guanghao ZhangHBASE-18234 Revisit the async admin api master
39 hours ago  David HarjuHBASE-18023 Log multi-* requests for more than threshol...
46 hours ago  张世彬10204932HBASE-18263 Resolve NPE in backup Master UI when access...
3 days ago  RamkrishnaHBASE-18221 Switch from pread to stream should happen...
4 days ago  Umesh AgasheHBASE-18254 ServerCrashProcedure checks and waits for...
4 days ago  Michael StackHBASE-18258 Take down hbasecon2017 logo from hbase...
4 days ago  Andrew PurtellHBASE-18235 LoadBalancer.BOGUS_SERVER_NAME should not...
4 days ago  Mike DrobHBASE-16351 Improve error reporting for license failures
4 days ago  QilinCaoHBASE-18252 Resolve BaseLoadBalancer bad practice warnings
5 days ago  tedyuHBASE-18226 Disable reverse DNS lookup at HMaster and...
5 days ago  Josh ElserHBASE-17752 Shell command to list snapshot sizes WRT...
6 days ago  Ashish SinghiHBASE-18212 reduce log level for unbuffer warning.
6 days ago  Chinmay KulkarniHBASE-17988 get-active-rb and draining_servers.rb no...
6 days ago  Jan HentschelHBASE-17954 Switched findbugs implementation to spotbugs
6 days ago  Kahlil OppenheimerHBASE-18164 Fast locality computation in balancer
6 days ago  Mike DrobHBASE-18230 Remove Velocity vars from LICENSE
6 days ago rel/1.1.11 Tag 1.1.11
2 weeks ago 1.1.11RC0 Tag 1.1.11RC0
2 weeks ago 2.0.0-alpha-1 Tagging first RC candidate for...
2 weeks ago 2.0.0-alpha-1RC0 Tagging first RC candidate for...
2 weeks ago rel/1.2.6 HBASE-17876 tag release for Apache...
4 weeks ago 1.2.6RC0 HBASE-17876 tag 1.2.6 RC0
8 weeks ago rel/1.1.10 Tag 1.1.10
2 months ago rel/1.3.1 Apache HBase 1.3.1 release tag
2 months ago 1.1.10RC0 Tag 1.1.10RC0
2 months ago 1.3.1RC1 HBase 1.3.1 RC1
2 months ago 1.3.1RC0 HBase 1.3.1 RC0
3 months ago rel/1.2.5 HBASE-17700 tag release for HBase...
3 months ago 1.2.5RC0 HBASE-17700 tag 1.2.5 RC0
3 months ago rel/1.1.9 Tag 1.1.9
4 months ago 1.1.9RC0 Tag 1.1.9RC0
4 months ago rel/1.3.0 HBASE-15341 1.3 release umbrella
54 min ago branch-2
57 min ago master
4 days ago branch-1
4 days ago branch-1.1
4 days ago branch-1.2
4 days ago branch-1.3
5 days ago HBASE-14850
3 weeks ago HBASE-14614
8 weeks ago hbase-12439
3 months ago 0.98
6 months ago HBASE-7912
6 months ago hbase-14439
7 months ago branch-1.0
17 months ago 0.94
21 months ago hbase-14439-experimental
2 years ago HBASE-12259