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10 hours ago Stephen Yuan... HBASE-16008 A robust way deal with early termination... master
29 hours ago Stephen Yuan... Revert HBASE-15406: Split / merge switch left disabled...
31 hours ago Joseph HwangHBASE-16096 Properly remove the replication queue and...
31 hours ago Joseph HwangHBASE-16221 Have ThriftScanner update the ConnectionCac...
34 hours ago Matteo BertozziHBASE-16272 Overflow in ServerName's compareTo method...
2 days ago Jerry HeHBASE-15291 Revert due to race condition resulting...
2 days ago Gary HelmlingHBASE-16217 Pass through the calling user in ObserverCo...
2 days ago stackHBASE-16263 Move all to do w/ protobuf -- *.proto files...
3 days ago Jerry HeHBASE-13701 Consolidate SecureBulkLoadEndpoint into...
4 days ago Jerry HeConsolidate SecureBulkLoadEndpoint into HBase core...
4 days ago Enis SoztutarHBASE-16244 LocalHBaseCluster start timeout should...
4 days ago Stephen Yuan... HBASE-14552 (addendum) Procedure V2: Reimplement Dispat...
4 days ago Dima SpivakHBASE-16241 Allow specification of annotations to use...
5 days ago stackHBASE-16236 Typo in javadoc of InstancePending (Hiroshi...
5 days ago stackHBASE-16238 It's useless to catch SESSIONEXPIRED except...
5 days ago zhangduoHBASE-16110 AsyncFS WAL doesn't work with Hadoop 2.8+
6 days ago rel/1.2.2 HBASE-16019 release 1.2.2
7 days ago 1.1.6RC0 Tag 1.1.6RC0
3 weeks ago 1.2.2RC2 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC2
4 weeks ago 1.2.2RC1 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC1
5 weeks ago 1.2.2RC0 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC0
5 weeks ago rel/0.98.20 0.98.20
6 weeks ago 0.98.20RC0 0.98.20RC0
2 months ago rel/1.1.5 Tag 1.1.5
2 months ago 1.1.5RC0 Tag 1.1.5RC0
3 months ago 0.98.19RC0 0.98.19RC0
3 months ago rel/0.98.19
3 months ago rel/0.98.18 0.98.18
3 months ago rel/1.2.1 HBASE-15500 Release HBase 1.2.1
3 months ago 1.2.1RC1 HBASE-15500 tag 1.2.1 RC1
3 months ago 1.2.1RC0 HBASE-15500 tag 1.2.1 RC0
3 months ago rel/1.1.4 Tag 1.1.4
5 hours ago branch-1
10 hours ago master
31 hours ago branch-1.3
33 hours ago 0.98
33 hours ago branch-1.1
34 hours ago branch-1.2
11 days ago HBASE-14850
2 weeks ago HBASE-7912
2 weeks ago branch-1.0
5 weeks ago hbase-12439
5 weeks ago asf-site
6 months ago 0.94
10 months ago hbase-14439
10 months ago branch-2
18 months ago HBASE-12259
23 months ago 0.89-fb