descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 20 Sep 2018 14:36:24 +0000 (22:36 +0800)
6 hours ago  openinxHBASE-21206 Scan with batch size may return incomplete... master
6 hours ago  tianjingyunHBASE-21204 NPE when scan raw DELETE_FAMILY_VERSION...
22 hours ago  Umesh AgasheHBASE-21023 Added bypassProcedure() API to HbckService
27 hours ago  Michael StackHBASE-21156 [hbck2] Queue an assign of hbase:meta and...
30 hours ago  tedyuHBASE-21102 ServerCrashProcedure should select target...
2 days ago  VasudevanHBASE-21102 - ServerCrashProcedure should select target...
3 days ago  tedyuHBASE-21160 Assertion in TestVisibilityLabelsWithDelete...
3 days ago  Michael StackHBASE-21191 Add a holding-pattern if no assign for...
3 days ago  Francis LiuHBASE-20704 Sometimes some compacted storefiles are...
4 days ago  Sean BusbeyHBASE-18276 Add 1.2.7 to downloads page.
5 days ago  Ted YuHBASE-21097 Flush pressure assertion may fail in testFl...
6 days ago  Toshihiro SuzukiHBASE-21182 Failed to execute
7 days ago  Sean BusbeyHBASE-21189 flaky job should gather machine stats
7 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-21188 Print heap and gc informations in our junit...
8 days ago  Michael StackHBASE-21190 Log files and count of entries in each...
8 days ago  Mike DrobHBASE-21168 Insecure Randomness in BloomFilterUtil
4 days ago rel/1.2.7 tag release for Apache HBase 1.2.7
13 days ago 1.2.7RC0 HBASE-18276 tag Apache HBase 1...
2 weeks ago rel/1.4.7 HBase 1.4.7
2 weeks ago rel/2.0.2 2.0.2
3 weeks ago 2.0.2RC1 2.0.2RC1
3 weeks ago 1.4.7RC0 1.4.7RC0
3 weeks ago 2.0.2RC0 Tag 2.0.2RC0
7 weeks ago rel/1.4.6 Apache HBase 1.4.6
8 weeks ago 1.4.6RC0 1.4.6RC0
2 months ago rel/2.1.0 Tagging the 2.1.0 Release
2 months ago 2.1.0RC1 Tag 2.1.0RC1
2 months ago 2.1.0RC0 Tag 2.1.0RC0
3 months ago rel/ Release Apache HBase
3 months ago rel/1.4.5 Release Apache HBase 1.4.5
3 months ago rel/2.0.1 2.0.1RC0 tagged as rel/2.0.1
3 months ago 2.0.1RC0 First 2.0.1 RC
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3 weeks ago HBASE-18477
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6 months ago HBASE-14850
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9 months ago HBASE-14070.HLC
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