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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 28 Sep 2016 20:11:37 +0000 (13:11 -0700)
10 hours ago Jonathan M... HBASE-16711 Fix hadoop-3.0 profile compile master
20 hours ago RamkrishnaHBASE-16696 After HBASE-16604 - does not release blocks...
32 hours ago Apekshit SharmaHBASE-16720 Sort build ids in flaky dashboard.
36 hours ago Abhishek Singh... HBASE-16660 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds during the majorCompa...
37 hours ago anoopsamjohnHBASE-16134 Introduce Cell extension for server side.
37 hours ago anoopsamjohnHBASE-16691 Optimize KeyOnlyFilter by utilizing KeyOnly...
44 hours ago tedyuHBASE-16691 Optimize KeyOnlyFilter by utilizing KeyOnly...
46 hours ago RamkrishnaHBASE-16643 - Reverse scanner heap creation may not...
2 days ago Stephen Yuan... HBASE-16714 Procedure V2 - use base class to remove...
2 days ago tedyuHBASE-16672 Add option for bulk load to copy hfile...
2 days ago Andrew PurtellHBASE-16694 Reduce garbage for onDiskChecksum in HFileB...
2 days ago Matteo BertozziHBASE-16649 Truncate table with splits preserved can...
2 days ago anoopsamjohnHBASE-16704 Scan will be broken while working with...
2 days ago tedyuHBASE-16691 Optimize KeyOnlyFilter by utilizing KeyOnly...
2 days ago Matteo BertozziHBASE-16695 Procedure v2 - Support for parent holding...
2 days ago Matteo BertozziHBASE-16587 Procedure v2 - Cleanup suspended proc execution
34 hours ago 1.1.7RC0 First RC for HBase 1.1.7
2 weeks ago rel/0.98.22 0.98.22
3 weeks ago rel/1.1.6 Tag 1.1.6
3 weeks ago 0.98.22RC0 0.98.22RC0
4 weeks ago rel/1.2.3
4 weeks ago 1.1.6RC2 Tag 1.1.6RC2
6 weeks ago rel/0.98.21 0.98.21
6 weeks ago 1.1.6RC1 Tag 1.1.6RC1
7 weeks ago 0.98.21RC1 0.98.21RC1
7 weeks ago 0.98.21RC0 0.98.21RC0
2 months ago rel/1.2.2 HBASE-16019 release 1.2.2
2 months ago 1.1.6RC0 Tag 1.1.6RC0
2 months ago 1.2.2RC2 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC2
3 months ago 1.2.2RC1 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC1
3 months ago 1.2.2RC0 HBASE-16019 tag 1.2.2RC0
3 months ago rel/0.98.20 0.98.20
10 min ago hbase-14439
10 hours ago HBASE-7912
10 hours ago master
36 hours ago 0.98
36 hours ago branch-1.3
36 hours ago branch-1
2 days ago branch-1.1
2 days ago branch-1.2
9 days ago hbase-12439
3 weeks ago branch-1.0
2 months ago HBASE-14850
3 months ago asf-site
8 months ago 0.94
12 months ago hbase-14439-experimental
12 months ago branch-2
21 months ago HBASE-12259