2022-04-17  Ayush SaxenaUpdate main
2022-04-09  Naveen GangamApache Hive 3.1.3 release (Naveen Gangam)
2022-03-30  Peter VaryHive 4.0.0-alpha-1 release.
2022-03-18  Daniel Grunopublish asf-site branch
2022-03-18  Daniel GrunoAdd in jekyll building for Hive site
2022-03-09  Chao Sundummy commit
2022-03-09  Chao SunAdd Hive 2.3.9 release information
2022-03-09  Chao SunAdd Hive 2.3.8 release information
2022-01-21  gmcdonaldAdd .asf.yaml to publish the website whenever a push...
2022-01-21  gmcdonaldAdd all files from hive.git/docs to gh-pages branch...
2022-01-21  gmcdonaldinitialise repo with a basic readme