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last changeFri, 24 Mar 2017 22:54:24 +0000 (17:54 -0500)
6 hours ago  Matt McClineHIVE-16273: Vectorization: Make non-column key expressi... master
11 hours ago  Aihua XuHIVE-16281: Upgrade master branch to JDK8 (Aihua Xu...
12 hours ago  Wei ZhengHIVE-15644 : Collect LLAP's JVM metrics via Hive's...
15 hours ago  Yongzhi ChenHIVE-16152: TestBeeLineDriver logging improvements...
16 hours ago  Yongzhi ChenHIVE-16242: Run BeeLine tests parallel (Peter Vary...
21 hours ago  Sahil TakiarHIVE-16276: Fix NoSuchMethodError: com.amazonaws.servic...
24 hours ago  Prasanth JayachandranHIVE-15841: Upgrade Hive to ORC 1.3.3 (Owen O'Malley...
27 hours ago  Xuefu ZhangHIVE-16286: Log canceled query id (Jimmy via Xuefu)
32 hours ago  Jason DereHIVE-16154: Determine when dynamic runtime filtering...
34 hours ago  Sergey ShelukhinHIVE-16278 : LLAP: metadata cache may incorrectly decre...
36 hours ago  Sahil TakiarHIVE-14606: Beeline fails if quoted string ends with...
36 hours ago  Gopal VHIVE-16208: Vectorization: ProcessingModeHashAggregate...
43 hours ago  Jason DereHIVE-16260: Remove parallel edges of semijoin with...
47 hours ago  Vineet GargHIVE-16229 : Wrong result for correlated scalar subquer...
2 days ago  Juan Rodríguez... HIVE-15867: Add blobstore tests for import/export ...
2 days ago  Teddy ChoiHIVE-15789: Vectorization: limit reduce vectorization...
4 weeks ago rel/storage-release-2.2.1 Hive Storage API 2.2.1
2 months ago rel/storage-release-2.2.0 Hive Storage 2.2.0
3 months ago rel/release-2.1.1 Hive 2.1.1 release
9 months ago rel/release-2.1.0 Hive-2.1.0 release.
10 months ago release-2.0.1 Hive 2.0.1 release.
13 months ago release-2.0.0 Hive 2.0.0 release.
15 months ago master_2015_11_30 HEAD before master fix
21 months ago release-1.2.1 Hive 1.2.1 release.
22 months ago release-1.1.1 Hive 1.1.1 release
22 months ago release-1.0.1 Hive 1.0.1 release
22 months ago release-1.2.0 Hive 1.2.0 release
2 years ago release-1.1.0 release-1.1.0
2 years ago release-1.0.0 release-1.0.0
2 years ago release-0.14.0 release-0.14.0
2 years ago release-0.13.1 release-0.13.1
2 years ago release-0.13.0 release-0.13.0
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