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45 hours ago  Oliver DraeseHIVE-21221 : Make HS2 and LLAP consistent - Bring up... master
2 days ago  Manoj NarayananHIVE-18890: Lower Logging for "Table not found" Error
2 days ago  Zoltan ChovanHIVE-21239: Beeline help LDAP connection example incorr...
2 days ago  Peter VaryHIVE-21262: Running schemeAuthority.q and schemeAuthori...
2 days ago  Mani MHIVE-685: add UDFquote (Mani M via Peter Vary)
2 days ago  Sankar HariappanHIVE-21269: Mandate -update and -delete as DistCp optio...
2 days ago  Sankar HariappanHIVE-21261: Incremental REPL LOAD adds redundant COPY...
3 days ago  Naveen GangamHIVE-21252: [Trivial] Use String.equals in LazyTimestam...
4 days ago  Miklos GergelyHIVE-21038 : Fix checkstyle for standalone-metastore...
4 days ago  Miklos GergelyHIVE-21149 : Refactor LlapServiceDriver (Miklos Gergely...
4 days ago  Ivan SullerHIVE-21228: Replace all occurences of new Integer with...
4 days ago  Mahesh Kumar... HIVE-21055 : REPL LOAD command executing copy in serial...
4 days ago  Anishek AgarwalHIVE-21250 : NPE in HiveProtoLoggingHook for eventPerFi...
5 days ago  Miklos GergelyHIVE-21238: Fix Surrogate Key issue (Miklos Gergely...
5 days ago  Jesus Camacho... HIVE-21236: SharedWorkOptimizer should check table...
5 days ago  Prasanth JayachandranHIVE-21212: LLAP: shuffle port config uses internal...
3 months ago rel/release-2.3.4 Hive 2.3.4 release.
3 months ago rel/release-3.1.1 Hive3.1.1 release.
6 months ago rel/release-3.1.0 Hive 3.1.0 release.
7 months ago rel/storage-release-2.7.0 Hive Storage API 2.7.0
7 months ago storage-release-2.7.0-rc1 Hive Storage API 2.7.0-rc1 release.
7 months ago storage-release-2.7.0-rc0 Hive Storage API 2.7.0-rc0 release.
8 months ago rel/standalone-metastore-release-3.0.0 Hive Standalone Metastore 3.0.0
8 months ago rel/release-3.0.0 Hive 3.0.0
9 months ago rel/storage-release-2.6.1 Hive Storage API 2.6.1
9 months ago rel/storage-release-2.6.0 Hive Storage API 2.6.0
10 months ago rel/release-2.3.3 Hive2.3.3 release.
10 months ago rel/storage-release-2.5.0 Hive Storage API 2.5.0
15 months ago rel/release-2.3.2 Hive2.3.2 release.
15 months ago rel/release-2.3.1 Hive 2.3.1 release
18 months ago rel/release-2.2.0 Hive Release 2.2.0
19 months ago rel/release-2.3.0 Hive 2.3.0 release.
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