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last changeWed, 21 Nov 2018 16:29:34 +0000 (09:29 -0700)
66 min ago  Gary GregoryRe-use Closer.closeQuietly(). master
73 min ago  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc nit.
84 min ago  Gary GregoryBetter Javadoc.
89 min ago  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc typo.
105 min ago  Gary GregoryRefactor expression 'TimeValue.ofDays(Long.MAX_VALUE...
21 hours ago  Gary GregoryRename dumpState() methods to appendState().
21 hours ago  Gary GregoryFix: Use println() instead of print() to announce start up.
28 hours ago  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
30 hours ago  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded more state info to #toString output of HTTP/1...
33 hours ago  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 async protocol handlers to use...
33 hours ago  Oleg KalnichevskiRefactored output control in the async HTTP/2 protocol...
33 hours ago  Oleg KalnichevskiRefactored output control in the async HTTP/1.1 protoco...
2 days ago  Oleg KalnichevskiMinor optimization
2 days ago  Oleg KalnichevskiFixed incorrect thread synchronization in an HTTP/1...
6 days ago  Oleg KalnichevskiDo not override the actual HTTP protocol version in...
6 days ago  Oleg KalnichevskiNon-blocking reverse proxy to use a distinct HttpContex...
4 weeks ago 5.0-beta5 HttpCore 5.0-beta5 release tag
4 weeks ago 5.0-beta5-RC2 HttpCore 5.0-beta5 RC2 tag
4 weeks ago 5.0-beta5-RC1 HttpCore 5.0-beta5 RC1 tag
4 weeks ago 5.0-beta4 HttpCore 5.0-beta4 release tag
5 weeks ago 5.0-beta4-RC1 HttpCore 5.0-beta4 RC1 tag
2 months ago 5.0-beta3 HttpCore 5.0-beta3 release tag
2 months ago 5.0-beta3-RC1 HttpCore 5.0-beta3 RC1 tag
4 months ago 4.4.10 HttpCore 4.4.10 release tag
4 months ago 4.4.10-RC1 HttpCore 4.4.10 RC1 tag
10 months ago 5.0-beta2 HttpCore 5.0-beta2 release tag
10 months ago 4.4.9 HttpCore 4.4.9 RC1 tag
10 months ago 4.4.9-RC1 HttpCore 4.4.9 RC1 tag
10 months ago 5.0-beta2-RC1 HttpCore 5.0-beta2 RC1 tag
12 months ago 5.0-beta1 HttpCore 5.0-beta1 release tag
12 months ago 5.0-beta1-RC1 HttpCore 5.0-beta1 RC1 tag
13 months ago 4.4.8-RC1 HttpCore 4.4.8 RC1 tag
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