2020-01-26  Gary GregoryUpdate copyright for 2020. master
2018-01-12  Gary GregoryUpdate NOTICE to 2018.
2017-10-26  Oleg KalnichevskiUpgraded Style Check version to 3-SNAPSHOT
2017-10-22  Oleg KalnichevskiHttpComponents Style Check release 2 2-RC1 rel/v2
2017-10-20  Oleg Kalnichevski* Enforce declaration of parameter as final
2017-10-20  Oleg KalnichevskiLimit license header check to files with extension...
2017-09-24  Gary GregoryUpdate copyright end-date.
2017-09-06  Gary Gregorymaven-gpg-plugin 1.4 -> 1.6.
2017-05-28  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded git attributes and git ignore
2017-05-28  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated repository details in POM; upgraded Apache...
2017-05-08  Gary D. GregoryIgnore Eclipse artifacts.
2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyIgnore target
2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyAdd default N&L files to SVN tree
2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyAdd full name
2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyStyle check suitable for all text files
2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyBump version
2013-06-12  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded gpg signing to verify phase
2013-06-12  Oleg KalnichevskiFixed XML markup
2013-06-12  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded release profile
2013-06-12  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded ASF parent defining deployment repositories
2013-06-12  Oleg KalnichevskiRenamed relaxed.xml to minimal.xml
2013-06-11  Oleg KalnichevskiRemoved file length check
2013-06-07  Oleg KalnichevskiInitial import of HC style-check