2022-09-04  Christophe... Update main
2022-09-03  Christophe... apreq documentation
2022-08-26  Christophe... Update
2022-08-26  Christophe... Update
2022-08-26  Christophe... Update
2022-08-26  Christophe... Update
2022-08-26  Christophe... Update
2022-08-25  Joe OrtonUpdate for libapreq2-2.17 release.
2022-06-10  Eric Covenerextra NL
2022-06-10  Eric Covenertolerate both flavors of 'released' values
2022-06-10  Eric CovenerRevert "add inline details"
2022-06-10  Eric Coveneradd inline details
2022-06-08  Stefan Eissingpublishing release httpd-2.4.54
2022-04-09  sebbASFUpdate pelicanconf.yaml
2022-03-16  Ruediger PluemAlign to use ',' as separator in case of multiple revisions
2022-03-16  Ruediger PluemUpdate timelines with committed revisions
2022-03-16  Daniel Grunombox archives are 404. also update some links that...
2022-03-14  Stefan EissingChanging the download links to avoid double-/ at start...
2022-03-14  Stefan Eissingpublishing release httpd-2.4.53
2022-02-23  Rich BowenMerge pull request #9 from rbowen/main
2022-02-23  rbowenResolves 9/head
2022-02-07  Ruediger PluemChange severity to important which is a rated severity...
2022-01-22  Daniel Grunoit's all one thing now
2022-01-21  Rich BowenMerge pull request #8 from rbowen/main
2022-01-21  rbowenmissing paren 8/head
2022-01-21  rbowenRemove reference to long-gone website. Remove "obviousl...
2022-01-21  Rich BowenMerge pull request #7 from rbowen/main
2022-01-21  rbowenDrops link to 1.3 docs, which are gone. 7/head
2022-01-19  Christophe... Update
2021-12-20  Stefan Eissingpublishing release httpd-2.4.52
2021-12-17  ylavicMerge pull request #6 from ylavic/evil32
2021-12-17  ylavicAxe broken link in dev/ 6/head
2021-11-22  Eric Covenerlive: procdump and thread apply all bt
2021-10-08  Ruediger PluemRevert "Trigger rebuild"
2021-10-08  Ruediger PluemTrigger rebuild
2021-10-08  Ruediger PluemFix syntax error and adjust whitespacing
2021-10-08  Ruediger PluemMove each credit to a single element
2021-10-08  Ruediger PluemAllow multiple credits and put them in a list
2021-10-08  Ruediger Pluem* Note the fixing revision
2021-10-08  Ruediger Pluem* Credits need to go in one element for our webpage
2021-10-08  Ruediger Pluem* Add further credentials
2021-10-08  Ruediger Pluem* Add missing ','
2021-10-08  Ruediger Pluem* Align with CVE-2021-42013 based on the latest findings
2021-10-07  Stefan Eissingpublishing release httpd-2.4.51
2021-10-05  Stefan Eissingcorrected version comparator
2021-10-05  Stefan Eissingrelease 2.4.50
2021-09-16  Ruediger PluemBe more precise on what is affected
2021-09-16  Stefan Eissing * CVE json files for 2.4.49 added
2021-09-16  Ruediger PluemRevert "Add descriptions for CVE-2021-33193 CVE-2021...
2021-09-16  Ruediger PluemAdd descriptions for CVE-2021-33193 CVE-2021-36160
2021-09-16  Ruediger PluemRevert "Add vulnerabilities fixed in 2.4.49"
2021-09-16  Ruediger PluemAdd vulnerabilities fixed in 2.4.49
2021-09-16  Stefan Eissingpublishing release httpd-2.4.49
2021-09-13  Christophe... Update
2021-09-13  Christophe... Update
2021-09-09  Stefan Eissing * update release instructions.
2021-08-30  Christophe... Update
2021-08-30  Christophe... Update
2021-07-26  Dave FisherConfiguration is now in pelicanconf.yaml
2021-07-26  Greg SteinDelete theme/plugins directory
2021-07-26  Greg SteinUpdate pelicanconf.yaml
2021-07-26  Greg SteinMerge pull request #5 from apache/sebbASF-patch-1
2021-07-25  sebbASFDelete requirements.txt 5/head
2021-07-16  Daniel Grunowhitespace change, trigger commit mail test
2021-07-16  Daniel Grunowhtespace change, try to trigger settings
2021-07-16  Christophe... Fix an incorrect redirection
2021-07-16  Christophe... Fix broken link to
2021-07-16  Christophe... Be less verbose and more consistent with [Website]...
2021-07-16  Christophe... Fix mod_domain links
2021-07-16  Ruediger PluemMerge pull request #2 from tititiou36/main
2021-07-16  tititiou36Update location of dev-tools since r1891502 2/head
2021-07-14  Dave Fisherupdate .gitignore
2021-07-13  Dave FisherRevert "try escaping brackets"
2021-07-13  Dave FisherMerge branch 'main' of
2021-07-13  Dave Fishertools are moved to
2021-07-13  Daniel Grunotry escaping brackets
2021-07-13  Ruediger PluemRemove tools directory
2021-07-12  Dave FisherUpdate from freenode to
2021-07-12  Dave FisherPlugins are moved to infrastructure-pelican and config...
2021-07-03  Dave FisherRefactoring of yaml for infrastructure-pelican
2021-07-03  Dave Fisheryaml syntax
2021-07-03  Dave Fisherneed to support ignore_files in pelicanconf.yaml
2021-07-03  Dave FisherMerge branch 'main' of
2021-07-03  Dave Fisheralternative configuration for infrastructure-pelican...
2021-07-02  Dave FisherReady for production
2021-06-29  Dave FisherUpdate
2021-06-29  Dave FisherUpdate
2021-06-29  Dave FisherUpdate
2021-06-29  Dave FisherUpdate
2021-06-28  Dave FisherRevert "Running shell scripts is a security vulnerability"
2021-06-26  Dave FisherRunning shell scripts is a security vulnerability
2021-06-25  Dave FisherUpdate READMEs and migration changes
2021-06-25  Dave FisherAdd .asf.yaml for building
2021-06-25  Dave Fisherencoding for umlaut and accent
2021-06-25  Dave Fisherencoding for German sz ligature
2021-06-25  Dave FisherFlood pages use Flood title and left nav
2021-06-25  Dave Fisherdebug flood leftnav
2021-06-25  Dave Fishercleanup and prepare flood leftnav
2021-06-25  Dave FisherNo heading permalink generation for vulnerability pages
2021-06-25  Dave Fisherfix formatting for GFM