descriptionApache Iceberg
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 26 Sep 2022 16:36:04 +0000 (09:36 -0700)
4 hours ago  Piotr FindeisenAPI: Support setting table statistics (#5794) master
5 hours ago  rizaoncore: Provide mechanism to cache manifest file content...
5 hours ago  Eduard TudenhöfnerCore: Add strict-mode property to JDBC Catalog (#5830)
46 hours ago  Rushan JiangAWS: Add socket connection timeout for Apache Http...
2 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Remove version modifier (#5835)
2 days ago  Fokko DriesprongBuild: Bump Rat to 0.15 (#5839)
2 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Bump pre-commit (#5842)
2 days ago  Eduard TudenhöfnerAPI, Core: Remove deprecated methods from Snapshot...
2 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Add license checker to the source distribution...
3 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Add NOTICE to source dist and wheel (#5843)
3 days ago  Rushan JiangAWS: update AWS Integration Test to fix false positives...
3 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Add the Makefile to the source distribution...
3 days ago  Daniel WeeksAdd REST Servlet/Server Implementations (#5781)
3 days ago  Bryan KellerREST: implement handling of OAuth error responses follo...
3 days ago  Fokko DriesprongPython: Test if version is PEP440 compliant (#5834)
3 days ago  Samuel RedaiPython: Add BoundBooleanExpressionVisitor for bound...
2 days ago pyiceberg-0.1.0rc2 PyIceberg 0.1.0rc2
4 days ago pyiceberg-0.1.0rc1 PyIceberg 0.1.0rc1
2 weeks ago apache-iceberg-0.14.1 Release Apache Iceberg 0.14.1
2 months ago apache-iceberg-0.14.0 Release Apache Iceberg 0.14.0
3 months ago apache-iceberg-0.13.2 Release Apache Iceberg 0.13.2
6 months ago release-base-0.13.0 Iceberg 0.13.x release branch base...
7 months ago apache-iceberg-0.13.1
7 months ago apache-iceberg-0.13.0 Release Apache Iceberg 0.13.0
10 months ago apache-iceberg-0.12.1 Release Apache Iceberg 0.12.1
11 months ago release-base-0.12.0 Iceberg 0.12.x release branch base...
13 months ago apache-iceberg-0.12.0
17 months ago apache-iceberg-0.11.1 Release Apache Iceberg 0.11.1
19 months ago apache-iceberg-0.11.0 Release Apache Iceberg 0.11.0
22 months ago apache-iceberg-0.10.0 Release Apache Iceberg 0.10.0
2 years ago apache-iceberg-0.9.1
2 years ago apache-iceberg-0.9.0 Release Apache Iceberg 0.9.0
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41 hours ago dependabot/github_actions/actions/stale-6.0.0
41 hours ago dependabot/gradle/me.champeau.jmh-jmh-gradle-plugin-0.6.8
41 hours ago dependabot/pip/python/jinja2-3.1.2
4 days ago fd-remove-version-modifier
4 days ago gh-pages
2 weeks ago dependabot/gradle/org.eclipse.jgit-org.eclipse.jgit-
2 weeks ago 0.14.x
5 weeks ago dependabot/gradle/org.apache.hadoop-hadoop-client-3.3.4
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