descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 23 Mar 2018 08:18:48 +0000 (09:18 +0100)
4 hours ago  Joy Gao[AIRFLOW-1433][AIRFLOW-85] New Airflow Webserver UI... master
15 hours ago  Joy GaoMerge pull request #3147 from feng-tao/airflow-2235
18 hours ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-1235] Fix webserver's odd behaviour
30 hours ago  Andrew Stahlman[AIRFLOW-1460] Allow restoration of REMOVED TI's
32 hours ago  Tao feng[airflow-2235] Fix wrong docstrings in two operators
2 days ago  Kaxil Naik[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix chronological order for companies...
2 days ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-2124] Upload Python file to a bucket for Dataproc
3 days ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-2212] Fix ungenerated sensor API reference
3 days ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-2226] Rename google_cloud_storage_default...
3 days ago  Tao feng[AIRFLOW-2211] Rename to hdfs_sensor...
4 days ago  Tao feng[AIRFLOW-2225] Update document to include DruidDbApiHook
6 days ago  Kevin Yang[Airflow-2202] Add filter support in HiveMetastoreHook...
7 days ago  dan-sf[AIRFLOW-2220] Remove duplicate numeric list entry...
7 days ago  Rania ZYANE[AIRFLOW-XXX] Update tutorial documentation
8 days ago  John Arnold... [AIRFLOW-2215] Update celery task to preserve environme...
8 days ago  Sam Schlegel[AIRFLOW-2185] Use state instead of query param
3 months ago 1.9.0
3 months ago 1.9.0rc8
3 months ago 1.9.0rc7
3 months ago 1.9.0rc6
3 months ago 1.9.0rc5
3 months ago 1.9.0rc4
4 months ago 1.9.0rc3
4 months ago 1.9.0rc2
4 months ago 1.9.0rc1
5 months ago 1.9.0alpha1
5 months ago 1.9.0alpha0
7 months ago 1.8.2
7 months ago 1.8.2rc4
7 months ago 1.8.2rc3
8 months ago 1.8.2rc2
9 months ago 1.8.2rc1
4 hours ago master
3 months ago v1-9-stable
3 months ago v1-8-stable
3 months ago v1-8-test
3 months ago v1-9-test
21 months ago airbnb_rb1.7.1_4