descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 21 Jul 2018 17:41:43 +0000 (19:41 +0200)
9 hours ago  Bolke de Bruin[AIRFLOW-XXX] Include license folder for binary master
14 hours ago  George Leslie... [AIRFLOW-2731] Raise psutil restriction to <6.0.0
14 hours ago  Amir ShahatitFix Typo in Scheduler documentation
14 hours ago  Paul Woods[AIRFLOW-2769] Increase num_retries polling value on...
30 hours ago  Marcus Rehm[AIRFLOW-2596] Add Oracle to Azure Datalake Transfer...
39 hours ago  Mike Ascah[AIRFLOW-2771] Add except type to broad S3Hook try...
2 days ago  Stefan Seelmann[AIRFLOW-2737] Restore original license header
3 days ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-2758] Add a sensor for MongoDB
3 days ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-2705] Move class-level moto decorator to metho...
4 days ago  Felix[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Publicis Pixelpark to README
4 days ago  Tomas Jansson[AIRFLOW-2704] Add support for labels in the bigquery_o...
4 days ago  Ivan Arozamena[AIRFLOW-2749] Add feature to delete BQ Dataset
4 days ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-2750] Add subcommands to delete and list users
4 days ago  Germain Tanguy[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Dailymotion to company list
4 days ago  Julien[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add 6play to company list
5 days ago  Tao feng[AIRFLOW-2267] Airflow DAG level access
6 days ago 1.10.0rc2
13 days ago 1.10.0rc1
7 months ago 1.9.0
7 months ago 1.9.0rc8
7 months ago 1.9.0rc7
7 months ago 1.9.0rc6
7 months ago 1.9.0rc5
7 months ago 1.9.0rc4
8 months ago 1.9.0rc3
8 months ago 1.9.0rc2
8 months ago 1.9.0rc1
9 months ago 1.9.0alpha1
9 months ago 1.9.0alpha0
11 months ago 1.8.2
11 months ago 1.8.2rc4
11 months ago 1.8.2rc3
9 hours ago master
6 days ago v1-10-stable
6 days ago v1-10-test
7 months ago v1-9-stable
7 months ago v1-8-stable
7 months ago v1-8-test
7 months ago v1-9-test
2 years ago airbnb_rb1.7.1_4