descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 25 Mar 2017 00:28:03 +0000 (20:28 -0400)
3 days ago  Matthew Schmoyer[AIRFLOW-1040] Fix some small typos in comments and... master
5 days ago  Dan Davydov[AIRFLOW-1017] get_task_instance shouldn't throw except...
7 days ago  Jeremiah Lowin[AIRFLOW-1006] Add config_templates to MANIFEST
7 days ago  MSempere[AIRFLOW-999] Add support for Redis database
8 days ago  Li XuanjiMerge pull request #2166 from jlowin/speedup
8 days ago  Ruslan Dautkhanov[AIRFLOW-1009] Remove SQLOperator from Concepts page
8 days ago  Jeremiah Lowin[AIRFLOW-1006] Move config templates to separate files
8 days ago  Jeremiah Lowin[AIRFLOW-1005] Improve Airflow startup time
8 days ago  Bolke de Bruin[AIRFLOW-1010] Add convenience script for signing releases
10 days ago  Jeremiah Lowin[AIRFLOW-995] Remove reference to actual Airflow issue
10 days ago  Bowen Li[AIRFLOW-681] homepage doc link should pointing to...
11 days ago  Scott Kruger[AIRFLOW-705][AIRFLOW-706] Fix run_command bugs
11 days ago  Vitor Baptista[AIRFLOW-990] Fix Py27 unicode logging in DockerOperator
11 days ago  Kengo Seki[AIRFLOW-963] Fix non-rendered code examples
11 days ago  abloomston[AIRFLOW-969] Catch bad python_callable argument
11 days ago  Patrick McKenna[AIRFLOW-984] Enable subclassing of SubDagOperator
7 days ago 1.8.0-docs
8 days ago 1.8.0+apache.incubating Also tag 1.8.0+apache.incubating
8 days ago 1.8.0 1.8.0 Release
2 weeks ago 1.6.2-docs
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2 weeks ago
8 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc14
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9 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc8
9 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc7
10 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc10
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10 months ago 1.7.1
10 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc6
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8 days ago v1-8-stable
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