descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 23 Nov 2017 09:46:21 +0000 (10:46 +0100)
2 days ago  Alexander Bij[AIRFLOW-1229] Add link to Run Id, incl execution_date master
2 days ago  Igors Vaitkus[AIRFLOW-1842] Add gcs to gcs copy operator with renami...
2 days ago  Igors Vaitkus[AIRFLOW-1841] change False to None in operator and...
2 days ago  Ash Berlin... [AIRFLOW-1839] Fix more bugs in S3Hook boto -> boto3...
4 days ago  Guillermo Rodríguez... [AIRFLOW-1830] Support multiple domains in Google authe...
4 days ago  Daniel van... [AIRFLOW-1831] Add driver-classpath spark submit
6 days ago  Ash Berlin... [AIRFLOW-1795] Correctly call S3Hook after migration...
9 days ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-1811] Fix render Druid operator
9 days ago  Kevin Yang[AIRFLOW-1819] Fix slack operator unittest bug
9 days ago  Kevin Yang[AIRFLOW-1805] Allow Slack token to be passed through...
9 days ago  Dan Sedov[AIRFLOW-1816] Add region param to Dataproc operators
10 days ago  Cedrik Neumann[AIRFLOW-1817] use boto3 for s3 dependency
11 days ago  Rob Keevil[AIRFLOW-1813] Bug SSH Operator empty buffer
12 days ago  Bolke de Bruin[AIRFLOW-1801][AIRFLOW-288] Url encode execution dates
2017-11-10  Niels Zeilemaker[AIRFLOW-1563] Catch OSError while symlinking the lates...
2017-11-10  Daniel Huang[AIRFLOW-1794] Remove uses of Exception.message for...
6 days ago 1.9.0rc3
11 days ago 1.9.0rc2
2 weeks ago 1.9.0rc1
6 weeks ago 1.9.0alpha1
7 weeks ago 1.9.0alpha0
3 months ago 1.8.2
3 months ago 1.8.2rc4
3 months ago 1.8.2rc3
5 months ago 1.8.2rc2
5 months ago 1.8.2rc1
6 months ago readthedocs-test
6 months ago 1.8.0-docs
6 months ago 1.8.1
8 months ago 1.8.0+apache.incubating Also tag 1.8.0+apache.incubating
8 months ago 1.8.0 1.8.0 Release
8 months ago 1.6.2-docs
2 days ago master
2 days ago v1-9-stable
2 days ago v1-9-test
7 weeks ago v1-8-test
4 months ago v1-8-stable
18 months ago airbnb_rb1.7.1_4