descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 18 Aug 2017 22:25:00 +0000 (15:25 -0700)
31 hours ago  Moe Nadal[AIRFLOW-1521] Fix emplate rendering for BigqueryTableD... master
34 hours ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-1324] Generalize Druid operator and hook
35 hours ago  Edgar Rodriguez[AIRFLOW-1516] Fix error handling getting fernet
2 days ago  George Leslie... [AIRFLOW-1420][AIRFLOW-1473] Fix deadlock check
4 days ago  Edgar Rodriguez[AIRFLOW-1495] Fix migration on index on job_id
4 days ago  Edgar Rodriguez[AIRFLOW-1483] Making page size consistent in list
4 days ago  Edgar Rodriguez[AIRFLOW-1495] Add TaskInstance index on job_id
4 days ago  Dan Davydov[AIRFLOW-855] Replace PickleType with LargeBinary in...
4 days ago  Trevor Edwards[AIRFLOW-1505] Document when Jinja substitution occurs
4 days ago  Trevor Edwards[AIRFLOW-1504] Log dataproc cluster name
5 days ago  Ace Haidrey[AIRFLOW-1239] Fix unicode error for logs in base_task_...
5 days ago  Stanislav Kudriashev[AIRFLOW-1280] Fix Gantt chart height
5 days ago  Aravind Vijendra[AIRFLOW-1507] Template parameters in file_to_gcs operator
8 days ago  k.privezentsev[AIRFLOW-1452] workaround lock on method
8 days ago  AllisonWang[AIRFLOW-1385] Make Airflow task logging configurable
9 days ago  Edgar Rodriguez[AIRFLOW-940] Handle error on variable decrypt
12 days ago 1.8.2rc4
2 weeks ago 1.8.2rc3
8 weeks ago 1.8.2rc2
2 months ago 1.8.2rc1
3 months ago readthedocs-test
3 months ago 1.8.0-docs
3 months ago 1.8.1
5 months ago 1.8.0+apache.incubating Also tag 1.8.0+apache.incubating
5 months ago 1.8.0 1.8.0 Release
5 months ago 1.6.2-docs
5 months ago
5 months ago
13 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc14
13 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc13
13 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc11
13 months ago airbnb_1.7.1rc8
31 hours ago master
12 days ago v1-8-test
3 weeks ago v1-8-stable
14 months ago airbnb_rb1.7.1_4