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2021-09-03  Gerbentweak syntax highlighting
2021-09-03  GerbenUpdate pointers from v0.1 to v0.2
2021-07-27  GerbenRename .asf.yml to .asf.yaml
2021-07-15  GerbenAdd blank template
2021-07-09  GerbenPoint to IRC on main page.
2021-06-25  GerbenAdd note&workaround for issue #112 in 'Getting Started'
2021-06-25  Gerbenrebuild content
2021-06-25  GerbenReflect highlightRange→highlightText renaming
2021-06-06  GerbenAdd .asf.yml
2021-06-06  GerbenBuild the website content
2021-06-06  GerbenWarn that docs are for v0.2, show npm dev tag
2021-06-06  GerbenFixes & updates
2021-06-05  GerbenAdd missing dependency
2021-05-16  Randall LeedsFix shell syntax highlighting
2021-05-16  Randall LeedsAdd syntax highlight plugin
2021-05-16  Randall LeedsIncrease base font size
2021-05-16  GerbenUpdate annotator submodule to include @module docs.
2021-05-16  GerbenUpdate website
2021-05-16  GerbenAdd actual documentation
2021-05-16  Gerbentiny fixes
2021-05-16  GerbenAdd table of contents to doc pages
2021-05-15  GerbenTweak layout, change navigation menu, …
2021-05-09  GerbenUpdate website content
2021-05-09  GerbenMerge branch 'include-typedoc' into asf-site
2021-05-09  GerbenRemix TypeDoc into our templates
2021-05-09  GerbenDedupe & factor out header&footer from templates
2021-05-08  GerbenConvert liquid to handelbars
2021-05-08  GerbenInclude TypeDoc-generated API docs
2021-04-24  GerbenIncorporate changes in demo
2021-01-06  GerbenUpdate board report issue template
2020-11-05  Benjamin YoungMove static content into src/
2020-11-05  Benjamin YoungMove demo copying code to eleventy config
2020-11-05  Benjamin YoungRemove more/index.html cruft
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2020-09-17  Benjamin YoungAdd favicon and friends
2020-09-17  Benjamin YoungMove logo into images/
2020-09-17  Benjamin YoungUpdate annotator submodule for demo
2020-09-10  GerbenUpdate demo (small fixes)
2020-09-02  GerbenClarify how the mailing list works.
2020-08-17  GerbenUpdate demo (Support empty ranges)
2020-07-16  Benjamin YoungIncrease list posts to 10
2020-07-16  Benjamin YoungSmall tweak to closing sentence
2020-07-16  GerbenUpdate intro text
2020-07-12  Randall LeedsFix release file links
2020-07-12  Randall LeedsAdd version 0.1.0 release
2020-07-12  Randall LeedsPoint NPM reference at apache-annotator package
2020-06-25  Benjamin YoungFix YAML keys for issue template
2020-06-25  Benjamin YoungAdd board report issue template
2020-06-25  BigBlueHatFix the Publishing branch explanation
2020-06-18  GerbenUpdate demo (Link in demo to its source code)
2020-06-04  Benjamin YoungUpdate site repo description
2020-04-16  GerbenAdd instructions for rebuilding the demo
2020-04-16  GerbenUpdate demo
2020-04-07  Benjamin YoungLink to the doap.rdf as alternate
2020-04-07  Benjamin YoungAdd basic Open Graph Protocol stuffs
2020-04-06  Benjamin YoungAdd official Apache Annotator logo
2020-03-30  GerbenAdd yarn.lock, ignore node_modules
2020-03-30  GerbenBuild demo
2020-03-30  GerbenUse git submodule to deduplicate demo code.
2018-10-04  BigBlueHatAdd note to readme about issues for board reports
2018-10-02  Benjamin YoungAdd footer to demo
2018-10-02  Benjamin YoungTweek footer content location & copyright date
2018-10-02  Benjamin YoungUpdate footer info to make Whimsy happier
2018-06-13  Benjamin YoungReverse msgs.emails because its old-to-new
2018-06-13  Benjamin YoungGet rid of the nitfiness; use ye olde DOM
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungAdd rather progressive sort of mailing list loader
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungAdd NPM link; mark external links as rel=external
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungCleaned up HTML a bit
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungLink project name to home page on demo page
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungTweaked the demo page/nav a bit
2018-06-12  Jake HartnellInclude demo (#4)
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungAdd a more targeted link for Code in nav
2017-11-30  Benjamin YoungSwitch to HTTPS for all links; stop target=_blank
2017-05-31  BigBlueHatMove doap.rdf file into content dir
2017-05-31  BigBlueHatAdd DOAP file
2017-05-23  BigBlueHatUnlink from old wiki proposal page
2017-05-23  BigBlueHatSimplify main navigation
2017-05-23  BigBlueHatMove ASF content to new footer
2017-05-23  BigBlueHatAdd cards for new GitHub repos
2017-05-08  BigBlueHatAdd commits@ mailing list info
2017-05-08  BigBlueHatMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-08  BigBlueHatAdd small publishing section to README
2017-05-07  Jake HartnellMerge branch 'master' into master 1/head
2017-05-07  Jake HartnellStyling improvements, change to Apache incubator logo.
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsAdd CORS via .htaccess
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsMake more references HTTPS
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsFetch Semantic UI with the current protocol
2017-05-06  BigBlueHatLink to cwiki version of proposal
2017-05-06  BigBlueHatFix git checkout/clone confusion
2017-02-02  BigBlueHatMake external links open in new window/tab
2017-02-01  BigBlueHatAdd links to all the things; Fix code repo links
2016-12-08  BigBlueHatRename site/ to content/ to work with ASF setup
2016-12-06  BigBlueHatInitial commit