2022-05-05  Randall LeedsUse the default husky directory main v0.3.x v0.3.0-rc.1
2022-05-05  Randall LeedsRemove non-dist files from .ratignore
2022-05-05  Randall LeedsExclude .ratignore from git exports
2022-05-01  Randall LeedsAdd .gitattributes to .ratignore
2022-05-01  Randall LeedsMove SPDX header comments and remove copyright dates
2022-04-30  Randall LeedsBump versions to 0.3.0
2022-04-30  Randall LeedsExclude some repo-related files from exports
2022-04-30  Randall LeedsReplace rimraf with shx and skip husky install when...
2022-04-25  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #121 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_...
2022-04-25  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #122 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_...
2022-04-25  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #123 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_...
2022-04-24  dependabot... Bump trim-off-newlines from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 122/head
2022-04-24  dependabot... Bump async from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 123/head
2022-04-24  dependabot... Bump node-fetch from 2.6.0 to 2.6.7 121/head
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsUpgrade Husky from v4 to v7
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsBetter specify targets for modern code output
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsDrop support for Node.js v12
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsRemove upper bound on Node.js version
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsReduce Makefile repitition with dist variables
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsConsistently use tabs in Makefile
2022-04-24  Randall LeedsUse git archive instead of git clone
2022-04-15  Randall LeedsBump copyright year to 2022
2021-12-05  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #117 from apache/esm-tests
2021-11-11  Randall LeedsFix module resolver alias to work on Windows again 117/head
2021-11-08  Randall LeedsUse simpler syntax for module resolution aliases
2021-11-08  Randall LeedsReport coverage for all files with c8
2021-11-08  Randall LeedsAllow Babel to use ECMAScript helpers in the test envir...
2021-11-08  Randall LeedsResolve extensions on relative imports for webpack
2021-11-01  Randall LeedsAdd Node.js v17 to workspace engines fields
2021-11-01  Randall LeedsAdd Node.js v17 to top-level engines field
2021-11-01  Randall LeedsRun tests with real ECAMAScript modules
2021-11-01  Randall LeedsRequire file extensions on relative imports
2021-11-01  Randall LeedsReplace chai with built-in strict assert
2021-10-17  Randall LeedsUpgrade Mocha from v8.0.1 to v9.1.3
2021-09-07  GerbenReflect branch rename master→main
2021-09-03  GerbenFix dependency: dom depends on selector
2021-09-03  GerbenBump v0.1.0 → v0.2.0 (better late than never?)
2021-07-16  Randall LeedsFix linter resolutions
2021-07-14  GerbenCopyright like it’s 2021. v0.2.x v0.2.0 v0.2.0-rc.1
2021-07-14  GerbenUpdate and merge PR #107 (REUSE compliance)
2021-07-14  GerbenMake clean command clean more stuff
2021-07-14  GerbenPlease linter
2021-07-14  GerbenSatisfy the Rat
2021-07-09  GerbenAdd warning about issue #112.
2021-07-09  GerbenImprove CssSelector docs
2021-06-25  GerbenTiny fixes
2021-06-25  GerbenDedupe & refactor range comparison code
2021-06-25  GerbenTest all cases with DOM mutation
2021-06-25  GerbenAdd cases for matches in multiple nodes
2021-06-25  GerbenAdd failing test changing DOM (text quote match)
2021-06-25  GerbenForgotten rename
2021-06-25  GerbenMake highlightRange accept Node, rename to highlightText
2021-06-20  GerbenSimplify tests
2021-06-20  GerbenTest for range without Text nodes (describe text quote)
2021-06-06  Gerben…also in each package
2021-06-06  GerbenAdd node 16 to engines
2021-06-06  Gerbentweak documentation
2021-06-05  GerbenUse node as scope in demo
2021-06-05  GerbenDeclare types for optimal-select dependency
2021-06-05  GerbenRun linter
2021-06-05  GerbenMerge branch 'allow-node-as-scope' (PR #110)
2021-06-05  GerbenRename range-node-conversion.ts → to-range.ts 110/head
2021-06-04  GerbenMake all functions also accept a Node as scope
2021-06-04  GerbenMake css matcher also accept a Node as scope
2021-06-04  GerbenMake css matcher return an Element, not Range
2021-06-04  GerbenRemove forgotten .only in tests
2021-06-04  GerbenDocument describeCss, tweak docs of describeText…
2021-06-04  GerbenMake default scope of describeCss the whole document
2021-06-03  GerbenAdd describeCss & tests, document spec ambiguity
2021-05-24  Gerbentweak doc
2021-05-16  GerbenAdd short typedoc @module descriptions
2021-05-16  GerbenMake Readme point to docs on website
2021-05-15  GerbenImprove hot module reloading in demo
2021-05-15  Randall LeedsSimplify the ESLint module resolver configuration
2021-05-15  Randall LeedsLint cartesian.test.ts
2021-05-08  GerbenTweak typedoc config
2021-05-08  GerbenFix link to demo source code
2021-04-24  GerbenClean up remnants of in-browser tests
2021-04-24  GerbenMake web:build work again
2021-04-18  Randall LeedsClose source iterators on cartesian exit
2021-04-18  Randall LeedsAdd watch files to mocha configuration
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsDo not publish tsconfig.json and tsconfig.tsbuildinfo...
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsDo not publish declaration maps
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsRemove mocha tests from webpack build
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsEnable experimental support for linting TypeScript...
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsEmit source maps as separate files
2021-04-11  Randall LeedsRemove CommonJS build
2021-04-07  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #108 from fredsterorg/master
2021-04-06  fredster33Minor changes 108/head
2021-04-06  GerbenTurn tsdoc into typedoc
2021-04-05  GerbenMore API documentation!
2021-04-05  GerbenActually, don’t always build the docs.
2021-04-05  GerbenFix typedoc entrypoint
2021-04-05  GerbenAdd build:docs command, remove /docs in clean command
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsEnable the @typescript-eslint/no-duplicate-imports...
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsEnable support for proposals in the babel runtime trans...
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsMove babel targets to the top level of the configuration
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsUpgrade babel dependencies from v7.12 to v7.13
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsUpgrade global-jsdom from v6.1.0 to v8.0.0
2021-04-04  Randall LeedsOpt into explicit TypeScript index property access