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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 15 Aug 2017 12:20:16 +0000 (15:20 +0300)
4 days ago  max-orlovARIA-349 get_attribute is not calculated at runtime master
10 days ago  max-orlovARIA-174 Refactor instantiation phase
11 days ago  Tal LironARIA-324 Refactor ctx proxy access
2017-07-30  Avia EfratARIA-313 Fix handling the `required` field of inputs
2017-07-19  djay87ARIA-277 Support for Type Qualified Name
2017-07-18  Ran ZivARIA-311 Update CHANGELOG with 0.1.1 issues
2017-07-12  Tal LironARIA-76 Parallelize PyTest
2017-07-11  max-orlovARIA-237 Support for resuming failed workflow executions
2017-07-11  Ran ZivARIA-307 Automate release process
2017-07-10  max-orlovARIA-312 Validation of workflow and operation kwargs...
2017-07-10  Tal LironARIA-103 Remove dependency on Clint
2017-07-10  max-orlovARIA-299 Resuming canceled execution with frozen task...
2017-07-10  Ran ZivARIA-305 Advance ARIA version
2017-07-10  Tal LironARIA-254 Scaling capabilities and policies
2017-07-09  Ran ZivARIA-301 Fix issue when installing from wheel
2017-07-06  Tal LironARIA-260 Send interface inputs as arguments
4 weeks ago 0.1.1 ARIA 0.1.1
6 weeks ago 0.1.0 ARIA 0.1.0
32 hours ago ARIA-1-parser-test-suite
3 days ago ARIA-348-validate-substitution-mapping
4 days ago ARIA-321-clearwater
4 days ago master