2018-07-15  John AmentCreate master
2018-03-20  Thomas D. NadeauMerge pull request #229 from djay87/master
2018-03-13  evevenuARIA-438 : Support for storing the common TOSCA YAML... 229/head
2018-02-12  Thomas D. NadeauMerge pull request #227 from djay87/master
2018-02-12  rootARIA-118 plugin.yaml importing 227/head
2018-02-05  Thomas D. NadeauMerge pull request #225 from dfilppi/master
2018-02-03  dfilppiadded back .travis.yml 224/head 225/head
2018-02-02  dfilppiinitial
2018-02-02  dfilppiMerge branch 'master' of
2018-01-25  Thomas D. NadeauMerge pull request #218 from tnadeauaria/master
2017-12-29  John AmentUse a single command to move release
2017-12-29  John AmentOutput file name should now be sha512
2017-12-07  dfilppiadded service proxy plugin 221/head
2017-12-07  Thomas NadeauARIA-430 Typo in error message during CSAR creation 218/head
2017-12-06  max-orlovARIA-422 Parsing CSARs is broken
2017-12-06  Maxim OrlovARIA-425 Make process executor extension loading config...
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-416 Providing handlers to logging_handlers only...
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-417 Encoding models to json is too strict
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-414 Current events handler mechanism relies on...
2017-12-04  Tal LironARIA-1 Parser test suite 207/head
2017-11-22  max-orlovARIA-408 remove execution creation from workflow runner 208/head
2017-11-08  max-orlovARIA-392 Failing to load ruamel.yaml 199/head
2017-11-07  max-orlovARIA-393 Enable configuration of extension loading... 200/head
2017-10-30  Tal LironARIA-405 Remove support for Python 2.6 206/head
2017-10-30  Tal LironARIA-395 Fix AppVeyor failures due to use of SSL
2017-10-30  Thomas NadeauARIA-389 Apache Code of Conduct and minor spacing corre...
2017-10-24  Vishwanath... ARIA-396 Added a link that points to revisions released 204/head
2017-09-19  max-orlovARIA-385 Limit wheel version for python 2.6 support 195/head
2017-09-11  Tal LironARIA-321 Provide Clearwater IMS example 191/head
2017-08-30  Avia EfratARIA-353 Add node template directives 194/head
2017-08-24  Avia EfratARIA-348 Validate substitution_mapping field 193/head
2017-08-21  Vishwanath... ARIA-352 Fixed package name aria[ssh] incorrect in... 192/head
2017-08-15  max-orlovARIA-349 get_attribute is not calculated at runtime 190/head
2017-08-09  max-orlovARIA-174 Refactor instantiation phase 189/head
2017-08-08  Tal LironARIA-324 Refactor ctx proxy access 188/head
2017-07-30  Avia EfratARIA-313 Fix handling the `required` field of inputs 187/head
2017-07-19  djay87ARIA-277 Support for Type Qualified Name
2017-07-18  Ran ZivARIA-311 Update CHANGELOG with 0.1.1 issues
2017-07-12  Tal LironARIA-76 Parallelize PyTest 183/head
2017-07-11  max-orlovARIA-237 Support for resuming failed workflow executions 176/head
2017-07-11  Ran ZivARIA-307 Automate release process 184/head
2017-07-10  max-orlovARIA-312 Validation of workflow and operation kwargs... 182/head
2017-07-10  Tal LironARIA-103 Remove dependency on Clint 181/head
2017-07-10  max-orlovARIA-299 Resuming canceled execution with frozen task... 175/head
2017-07-10  Ran ZivARIA-305 Advance ARIA version 180/head
2017-07-10  Tal LironARIA-254 Scaling capabilities and policies 143/head
2017-07-09  Ran ZivARIA-301 Fix issue when installing from wheel 178/head
2017-07-06  Tal LironARIA-260 Send interface inputs as arguments 145/head
2017-07-04  Tal LironARIA-287 Add tox environment for docs 170/head
2017-07-04  max-orlovARIA-202 Execution plugin assumes \/tmp for temp direct... 174/head
2017-07-04  max-orlovARIA-298 test suite sometimes fails or freezes while... 173/head
2017-07-02  max-orlovARIA-296 Process termination test fails on windows 172/head
2017-07-02  Ran ZivARIA-297 Make use of Apache RAT for compliance 171/head 0.1.0
2017-06-29  Tal LironARIA-286 Sphinx documentation for code and CLI
2017-06-29  Ran ZivARIA-295 Makefile fixes 169/head
2017-06-28  max-orlovARIA-289 Don't attempt resuming a workflow which finish... 167/head
2017-06-28  max-orlovARIA-294 Workflow tasks execution is not in order 166/head
2017-06-27  max-orlovARIA-285 Cancel execution may leave running processes 163/head
2017-06-25  Ran ZivARIA-291 Add ASCII art in ARIA CLI version command 165/head
2017-06-25  Ran ZivARIA-280 Change package name 162/head
2017-06-25  Ran ZivARIA-290 Update Makefile for binary dist creation 164/head
2017-06-25  max-orlovARIA-284 Cleanup and optimize the task execution 159/head
2017-06-22  max-orlovARIA-236 Resumable workflow executions 158/head
2017-06-22  Ran ZivARIA-283 Update readme installation instructions 161/head
2017-06-21  Ran ZivARIA-282 Make SSH capability opt-in 160/head
2017-06-20  max-orlovARIA-278 remove core tasks 156/head
2017-06-20  Ran ZivARIA-281 Update click library version 157/head
2017-06-15  Ran ZivARIA-54 Prepare for ARIA packaging 155/head
2017-06-13  max-orlovARIA-276 Support model instrumentation for workflows 151/head
2017-06-12  Avia EfratARIA-275 Update NFV profile to csd04 147/head
2017-06-12  Ran ZivARIA-166 Update README file 152/head
2017-06-07  Tal LironARIA-199 Add "services outputs" CLI command 146/head
2017-06-07  max-orlovARIA-213 sporadic tests failures over locked database... 148/head
2017-06-06  max-orlovARIA-262 Inconsistent node attributes behavior 141/head
2017-06-06  Tal LironARIA-64 Remove PyYAML dependency 144/head
2017-06-04  Avia EfratARIA-180 Separate Parameter models and change relationships 142/head
2017-05-31  Tal LironARIA-149 Enhance operation configuration
2017-05-29  Ran ZivARIA-268 Add NOTICE file 140/head
2017-05-25  Ran ZivARIA-261 Single-source ARIA version 139/head
2017-05-25  max-orlovARIA-258 Convert runtime_properties to attributes 133/head
2017-05-24  max-orlovNullPool logging messages appear during execution 137/head
2017-05-22  Ran ZivARIA-162 Upgrade Colorama library version 136/head
2017-05-22  Ran ZivARIA-208 Fix models relationships 135/head
2017-05-18  Alexandru ZbarceaARIA-259 Updated README install section for ArchLinux
2017-05-15  Avia EfratARIA-171 type inconsistency 132/head
2017-05-11  Tal LironARIA-148 Enhance CLI show commands 107/head
2017-05-11  Tal LironARIA-139 Support attributes 118/head
2017-05-11  max-orlovARIA-213 Sporadic tests failures over locked database... 129/head
2017-05-10  Avia EfratARIA-157 Failing CLI service-templates store tests... 131/head
2017-05-10  Ran ZivARIA-62 Apply pylint on extensions 130/head
2017-05-09  Tal LironARIA-140 Version utils 100/head
2017-05-09  Avia EfratARIA-210 Handle relative paths in CLI service-templates 128/head
2017-05-09  max-orlovARIA-160 Tests fail spordically over parameter binding 126/head
2017-05-09  max-orlovARIA-165 Make node name suffix UUIDs become more readable 125/head
2017-05-08  max-orlovARIA-230 Dry execution doesn't log empty operations 127/head
2017-05-07  max-orlovARIA-214 Dry execution changes the state of non impleme... 123/head
2017-05-07  Ran ZivARIA-215 Refactor plugin-related code into PluginManager 124/head
2017-05-07  max-orlovARIA-160 Operation toolbelt unit tests fail spordically 119/head
2017-05-07  Avia EfratARIA-156 Better handle exceptions in the process executor 122/head
2017-05-04  Ran ZivARIA-209 Fix create-archive CLI command help 120/head