descriptionApache Aurora
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 25 Apr 2014 04:35:47 +0000
2 hours ago Dan NorrisAURORA-234: Replace HTML tables in docs with markdown master
8 hours ago Maxim KhutornenkoFixing broken HistoryPruner
9 hours ago Suman KarumuriAdding my gpg key.
11 hours ago Kevin SweeneyRemove unused mootools dependency
12 hours ago Brian WickmanUpgrade pants and commons, fix python thrift namespace...
16 hours ago Dan NorrisAURORA-265: Add missing tooltips for task states in...
28 hours ago Dave LesterAURORA-48: Rename documentation filenames in associated...
29 hours ago Suman KarumuriInclude inactive tasks when computing job summaries
29 hours ago Kevin SweeneyFix compilation of SlaGroup
29 hours ago Kevin SweeneyRevert "AURORA-132: Cron system based on Quartz"
31 hours ago Maxim KhutornenkoImplementing Scheduler SLA metrics.
32 hours ago Brian WickmanEnd to end test should not look at the number of html...
36 hours ago Kevin SweeneyAURORA-132: Cron system based on Quartz
38 hours ago Mark Chu-CarrollAdd a "get version" API method. (This is needed for...
41 hours ago Mark Chu-CarrollExtend the client configuration plugin architecture.
2 days ago Bill FarnerReplace sed command with linux and OSX-friendly perl...
11 hours ago 0.5.0-dev1398369683 aurora-0.5.0-dev1398369683.
12 hours ago 0.5.0-dev1398365835 aurora-0.5.0-dev1398365835.
6 days ago 0.5.0-dev1397855353 aurora-0.5.0-dev1397855353.
2 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1397097065 aurora-0.5.0-dev1397097065.
3 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1396558874 aurora-0.5.0-dev1396558874.
3 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1396046493 aurora-0.5.0-dev1396046493.
4 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395705795 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395705795.
5 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395275991 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395275991.
5 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395166800 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395166800.
6 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1394561110 aurora-0.5.0-dev1394561110.
7 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393615645 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393615645.
8 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393374335 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393374335.
8 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393372386 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393372386.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1393016623 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393016623.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1392769892 aurora-0.5.0-dev1392769892.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1392423726 aurora-0.5.0-dev1392423726.
2 hours ago master
8 days ago kts/AURORA-325-hotfix
2 weeks ago mansu/job_page
2 weeks ago wfarner/vagrant_dev_box
5 weeks ago wfarner/fix_jobs_page
8 weeks ago kts/mesos-0.17.0
2 months ago kts/AURORA-132
2 months ago wfarner/async_gc_executor_launcher
3 months ago mansu/AURORA-4187_scheduler_home_page-no-seed