descriptionApache Aurora
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 16 Apr 2014 20:19:15 +0000
35 hours ago Kevin SweeneyShutdown cron asynchronously master
3 days ago Kevin SweeneyAdd a new subcommand to aurora_admin to dump cluster...
3 days ago Kevin SweeneyMove gradlew back to project root.
3 days ago Dan NorrisAURORA-244: Fix zookeeper logs being swallowed due...
3 days ago Kevin SweeneyUpdate end-to-end test for single-node cluster
8 days ago Bill FarnerAdd a test to validate that the tutorial instructions...
10 days ago Bill FarnerRemove duplicate task throttling behavior from TaskGrou...
10 days ago Maxim KhutornenkoPreserving sandbox deleted task history (part 2: state...
10 days ago Maxim KhutornenkoPart 2 of converting from Packages to Metadata (scheduler)
10 days ago Bill FarnerMove some build task work away from the configure phase.
13 days ago Mark Chu-CarrollAdd the "open" command to clientv2, and fix an error...
2014-04-03 Mark Chu-CarrollFix two clientv2 command-line bugs.
2014-04-03 Maxim KhutornenkoBefore we start storing UNKNOWN (SANDBOX_DELETED) state
2014-04-03 Bill FarnerFixup paths broken in previous vagrant commit, referenc...
2014-04-02 Bill FarnerUse a single VM for the dev cluster, manage processes...
2014-04-02 Maxim KhutornenkoFiltering safe domain results by hosts.
8 days ago 0.5.0-dev1397097065 aurora-0.5.0-dev1397097065.
2 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1396558874 aurora-0.5.0-dev1396558874.
2 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1396046493 aurora-0.5.0-dev1396046493.
3 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395705795 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395705795.
4 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395275991 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395275991.
4 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1395166800 aurora-0.5.0-dev1395166800.
5 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1394561110 aurora-0.5.0-dev1394561110.
6 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393615645 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393615645.
7 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393374335 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393374335.
7 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393372386 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393372386.
7 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1393016623 aurora-0.5.0-dev1393016623.
8 weeks ago 0.5.0-dev1392769892 aurora-0.5.0-dev1392769892.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1392423726 aurora-0.5.0-dev1392423726.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1392148931 aurora-0.5.0-dev1392148931.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1391734956 aurora-0.5.0-dev1391734956.
2 months ago 0.5.0-dev1391543893 aurora-0.5.0-dev1391543893.
35 hours ago kts/AURORA-325-hotfix
35 hours ago master
13 days ago mansu/job_page
13 days ago wfarner/vagrant_dev_box
4 weeks ago wfarner/fix_jobs_page
7 weeks ago kts/mesos-0.17.0
2 months ago kts/AURORA-132
2 months ago wfarner/async_gc_executor_launcher
3 months ago mansu/AURORA-4187_scheduler_home_page-no-seed