descriptionApache BatchEE
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2016-09-29 rmannibucauadding download link master
2016-09-26 Mark Strubergadding LICENSE and NOTICE to source top level
2016-09-26 rmannibucaulicense/notice for servlet embedded module
2016-09-26 rmannibucau[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-09-26 rmannibucau[maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-0.4...
2016-09-23 Reinhard Sandtnerfixed copy/paste disclaimer
2016-09-22 rmannibucaupom names consistency
2016-09-22 rmannibucaufixing duration wiring
2016-09-07 Romain manni... BATCHEE-112 persistence service doesnt support multiple...
2016-09-07 Romain manni... allow to build a JobOperator from a ServicesManager...
2016-09-01 Mark StrubergBATCHEE-109 remove rest of shiro dependency
2016-08-31 Romain manni... BATCHEE-111 upgrade to tomee 7 our bundle
2016-08-30 Mark StrubergBATCHEE-99 add metrics to simplerest
2016-08-29 Mark StrubergBATCHEE-100 add README
2016-08-26 Mark StrubergBATCHEE-110 upgrade johnzon to 0.9.5
2016-08-26 Mark Strubergimprove GUI description
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2 years ago batchee-0.2-incubating [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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