descriptionApache Blur (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 12:06:31 +0000 (08:06 -0400)
34 hours ago  John D. AmentBlur is retired. master
2016-09-05  Aaron McCurryTrying to fix a test that probably has a race condition.
2016-08-30  Aaron McCurryRemoving thread local variables.
2016-08-29  Aaron McCurryAdding blur indexer project.
2016-05-22  Aaron McCurryFixing api issue.
2016-05-22  Aaron McCurryUpdates to the indexer project.
2016-05-07  Aaron McCurryFourth round of udpates.
2016-05-07  Aaron McCurryThird round of updates.
2016-05-07  Aaron McCurrySecond patch of updates.
2016-05-07  Aaron McCurryFirst patch of updates.
2016-02-09  Harinder SinghSigned-off-by: Aaron McCurry <>
2016-01-19  Aaron McCurryAdding a test file that was missed in an earlier commit.
2016-01-19  Aaron McCurryAdding new controls to the blur shell.
2016-01-19  Aaron McCurryMaking the list-snapshot command more useful.
2016-01-19  Aaron McCurryAdding test for cancelling commands.
2016-01-19  Aaron McCurryCode refactoring.
23 months ago release-0.2.4-incubating-rc1 Blur 0.2.4-incubating release
2 years ago release-0.2.3-incubating-rc2 Blur 0.2.3-incubating release candi...
2 years ago release-0.2.3-incubating-rc1 Blur 0.2.3-incubating release candi...
3 years ago release-0.2.2-incubating Blur 0.2.2-incubating release
3 years ago release-0.2.1-incubating Blur 0.2.1-incubating release
3 years ago release-0.2.0-incubating Blur 0.2.0-incubating release
34 hours ago master
18 months ago v2_command
22 months ago blur-0.2.4-parcel
23 months ago apache-blur-0.2.4
2 years ago blur-it-tests
2 years ago feature_update_jetty
2 years ago blur-client-zk-fix
2 years ago blur-hive
2 years ago FieldManagerUpdates
2 years ago blur-platform
2 years ago blur-342a
2 years ago apache-blur-0.2
3 years ago 0.3.0-lucene-upgrade
4 years ago 0.1.5
4 years ago 0.1.4
4 years ago 0.1.3