2014-12-17  Richard DownerMerge and close #18 master
2014-12-17  Alex Heneveldwipe everything and replace with a single README pointi... 18/head
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldexplicitly set utf-8 encoding, just in case needed
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldaddress @rdowner's code review comments
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldplace website files in root during production build...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldconvert site-structure links to be relative paths ...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldmove things to website/ subdir, update site-structure...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldreplace site.url with
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldadd config.yaml var in prep for...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldrename theme.css to website.css; remove unused new...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldremove link to (absent) css map file for bootstrap
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldadd back in underscore to custom JS dir, because it...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldremove selectNav; appears not to be linked anywhere
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldmove things to _build dir, and move fonts to deps/boots...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldrename layouts to website-*
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldmove Gemfile info to _scripts directory
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldimprove dev experience working with this site (offline...
2014-12-15  Alex Heneveldstarting to refactor to put things in subdirectories
2014-12-15  Alex HeneveldThis closes #17
2014-12-15  Chris ForbesUpdate 17/head
2014-12-15  Alex HeneveldThis closes #15.
2014-12-15  Alex HeneveldThis closes #14.
2014-12-10  Richard DownerMerge and close #16
2014-12-10  Richard DownerGetting started updates following user feedback 16/head
2014-11-26  Richard DownerNav submenus also include the top item 15/head
2014-11-26  Richard DownerAllow menus to include hyperlinks
2014-10-09  Richard DownerServer install doc - fix broken curl command 14/head
2014-10-01  Richard DownerMerge and close #13
2014-10-01  Richard DownerMerge and close #12 by passive consensus
2014-10-01  Sam CorbettEntries in blueprints list can be filtered by type 13/head
2014-09-16  Richard DownerRemove debugging text from site_structure.rb 12/head
2014-09-16  Richard DownerUpdate .gitignore
2014-09-16  Richard DownerAllow the `jekyll server` command to work
2014-09-15  Richard DownerMerge and close PR #11 with amendments
2014-09-15  Richard DownerAmendments to PR #11
2014-09-15  Richard DownerMerge #11
2014-09-15  Andrea Turlibrooklyn-55 issue 11/head
2014-09-15  Richard DownerMerge and close #9
2014-09-15  Richard DownerMerge and close #8 (passive consensus)
2014-09-15  Sam CorbettWe are not grocers. 9/head
2014-09-15  Sam CorbettMinor tweaks to learnmore page. Improves layout on...
2014-09-15  Sam CorbettAdds a glossary page with some basic definitions
2014-09-12  Richard DownerIntegrate links to the catalog from the front page 8/head
2014-09-08  Richard DownerMerge and close PR #5, as amended
2014-09-08  Richard DownerReplace 'http' links in catalog files
2014-09-07  Alasdair HodgeManually add Brooklyn-generated catalog HTML 5/head
2014-08-29  Alex HeneveldThis closes #4
2014-08-29  Alex HeneveldThis closes #3
2014-08-21  Richard DownerAdd second-level menu support 4/head
2014-08-21  Richard DownerDefine site structure in YAML front matter
2014-08-21  Richard DownerRemove trailing slash from configured site.url
2014-08-21  Richard DownerFor external dependencies, href to "https://..."
2014-08-20  Richard DownerFor external dependencies, href to "https://..." 3/head
2014-08-20  Richard DownerMinor changes to page footers
2014-08-20  Richard DownerJumbotron content update
2014-07-24  Richard DownerChange metadata system to fix broken links
2014-07-10  Richard DownerMerge and close PR #2
2014-07-10  Richard DownerAdd on building and publishing
2014-07-10  Richard DownerAdd build scripts
2014-07-10  Richard DownerUpdate .gitignore
2014-07-10  Richard DownerAdd Gemfile with RVM config, and Gemfile.lock
2014-07-10  Richard DownerDelete brooklyn-logo-150px.png 2/head
2014-06-30  Richard DownerMerge PR #1
2014-06-30  Richard DownerAdd community/
2014-06-30  Richard DownerAdd link to how-to-contribute-docs.html 1/head
2014-06-30  Richard DownerAdd "Edit this page" button
2014-06-30  Richard DownerAdd new Apache Brooklyn graphics
2014-06-30  Richard DownerAdd .gitignore
2014-06-24  Richard DownerCommitters guide - some fixes, simplification, and...
2014-06-23  Richard DownerInitial website source