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2015-12-10  jfarrellAdding Cotton RETIRED.txt for project exit from the... master
2015-09-18  Jiang Yan XuPut scheduler callbacks that need to access scheduler...
2015-08-06  Jiang Yan XuUpdate "Getting Involved" section in
2015-08-06  Jiang Yan XuMysos -> Cotton in
2015-08-01  Jiang Yan XuUpdate mailing list in
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuMerge pull request #62 from xujyan/jyx/lost_task
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuUpdate the integration test to verify that the task... 62/head
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuFix a bug that causes terminal status update not gettin...
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuMake sure task_runner.stop() is idempotent (clean up...
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuFix mysql_task_control to put task subprocess in a...
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuMerge pull request #61 from xujyan/jyx/kazoo_cleanup
2015-06-16  Jiang Yan XuStop Kazoo when runner stops. 61/head
2015-06-12  Jiang Yan XuAdd the link to dev mailing list archives the README.
2015-06-12  Jiang Yan XuUpdate the documentation to reflect incubation status.
2015-06-11  Jiang Yan XuRemove `mysos_executor` from `console_scripts` since...
2015-06-11  Jiang Yan XuExtend test_mysos_scheduler to also test cluster deletion.
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