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2020-01-14  Adrian SchuepbachAdd news item about release.
2020-01-14  Adrian SchuepbachUpdated download links to new release v1.2
2019-10-10  Patrick StuediFixing typo in YCSB blog
2019-10-10  Patrick StuediDetails about the Optane SSDs and Flash drives
2019-10-10  Patrick StuediFixing typo in ycsb blog
2019-10-09  Patrick StuediBlog post on YCSB benchmark
2019-08-05  Patrick StuediAdding keywords meta data to the front page
2019-08-05  Patrick StuediAdding USENIX ATC'19 talk
2019-08-05  Patrick StuediAdding USENIX ATC'19 paper
2019-08-05  Patrick StuediNews: USENIX ATC'19 paper on Crail's storage architecture
2019-06-11  Patrick StuediNews: Crail is now part of the YSCB benchmark
2019-04-11  Patrick StuediAdding Strata talk to documentation
2019-04-11  Patrick StuediLink to slides from Oreilly's Strata talk
2019-03-19  Patrick StuediCustom logo for Crail's Strata talk
2019-03-15  Patrick StuediRe-phrasing paragraph about Pocket
2019-03-13  Patrick StuediMinor english corrections to blog post on deployment...
2019-03-13  Patrick StuediBlog post on deployment options
2019-03-05  Patrick StuediAdding gnuplot and data files for disaggregation blog...
2019-03-04  Patrick StuediDisaggregation preview image
2019-03-04  Patrick StuediBlog post on shuffle disaggregation
2019-02-11  Jonas PfefferlePython->C: Add link to source code
2019-02-08  Jonas PfefferleCommunity: fix source code link
2019-01-25  Jonas PfefferlePython -> C/C++ blog post
2018-12-04  Adrian SchuepbachAdded base again. It seems that locally it works fine,
2018-12-04  Adrian SchuepbachRemove the base argument, such that all links are relat...
2018-12-04  Adrian SchuepbachUpdated website to the new Apache Crail release 1.1...
2018-10-22  Animesh Trivedi[Website]: adding Patrick's ETH talk to the documentati...
2018-10-22  Animesh Trivedi[Website]: fixing JIRA-62
2018-09-06  Animesh TrivediMerge branch 'master' of
2018-09-06  Animesh TrivediBlog post classification
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2018-08-09  Animesh Trivedibringing the SQL blog online
2018-08-08  Animesh Trivedimissing images for SQL blog p1
2018-08-08  Animesh TrivediSQL blog post, part 1 about reading input data
2018-07-19  Animesh Trivedi[CRAIL-46] Adding incubating in the landing text
2018-07-19  Animesh Trivedi[CRAIL-46] adding incubating text in the figures
2018-06-11  Jonas Pfefferlefix signature and sha256 urls
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2018-06-05  Jonas Pfefferlenews: apache release, dataworks and spark summit talks
2018-03-09  Yonglong Daifix a doc typo: s/upcomding/upcoming 1/head
2018-02-21  Patrick StuediRemoving unwanted gh-pages gem
2018-02-21  Animesh TrivediUpdating README for older jekyll installations
2018-02-21  Patrick StuediMoving CrailFS to CrailStore
2018-02-21  Animesh TrivediUpdating the website about how to commit to crail
2018-02-15  Patrick StuediAdjusting the front page
2018-02-08  Animesh TrivediAdding a about how to update the website.
2018-02-08  Animesh TrivediAdding a loopback baseurl for easy testing.
2018-02-08  Animesh TrivediNew paragraph about how to contribute to Crail
2018-02-08  Animesh TrivediFiles and config to generate web preview figure.
2018-02-08  Animesh TrivediNew figure for the crail stack.
2018-01-22  Animesh Trivediremoving the additional "/" in the baseurl
2018-01-22  Animesh TrivediFIX: changing the baseurl to the apache site
2018-01-22  Animesh TrivediA news item for announcing the Incubator status
2018-01-22  Animesh TrivediUpdating documentation from the github
2018-01-21  Animesh TrivediAdding testing and publishing scripts
2018-01-21  Animesh TrivediMissing Apache license for the website src
2018-01-21  Animesh TrivediMoving all website source into a site directory
2018-01-21  Animesh Trivedifix warning while building
2018-01-21  Animesh TrivediAdd missing Gemfile
2018-01-19  Animesh TrivediAdding the incubator logo file.
2018-01-19  Animesh Trivedideleting the people information.
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating the header for documentation
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating disclaimer link
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedidelete half baked blog
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating href links to
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedicommenting out the disq section
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating src location
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediputting github page for the src
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedi404 updated for the dev
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediadding developers resources
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediremoving redundant headers
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediadding community
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating the crail class package
2018-01-18  Animesh TrivediCrail -> Apache Crail
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedimisc clean up
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedimissing href update
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedimissing }
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediupdating the blog links
2018-01-18  Animesh Triveditest
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedidisclaimer
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedirelative links in the news
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivediall image link are now relative
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2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedifixing site.base
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedifixing the yml variables
2018-01-18  Animesh Trivedidelete the CNAME file
2017-12-12  Michael KaufmannMinor fix
2017-12-11  Michael KaufmannAdded gnuplot script for machine learning blog post
2017-12-11  Michael Kaufmannmake image smaller
2017-12-11  Michael Kaufmannfix typo, center image
2017-12-11  Michael Kaufmanninitial DRAFT of machine learning blog post