2021-02-14  poorejcadding disclaimer and deprecation notice master
2016-12-06  Rob FoleyAdded clientIp and userAgent to logs
2016-09-21  Lewis John... SENSSOFT-61 Add ALv2.0 License Headers to UserALEv3 1/head
2016-07-26  RobUpdate userale.js
2016-07-26  RobMerge pull request #6 from draperlaboratory/issues...
2016-07-26  Rob FoleyRemoved unnecesary warnings for system logs, and added... issues/system-logs 3/head
2016-07-21  mooshu1x2Added filename argument to generate application specifi...
2016-07-11  Michelle Beardupdated logstash script to parse both userale3.0 and...
2016-07-11  Michelle BeardUpdated twisted app to accept useraleVersion field send-logs-update
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyAdded logger for UserAle.js
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyFixed issue with incorrect indices and error handling.
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyRemoved dependency on twistd daemon
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyUpdated to use twisted reactor
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyReplaced twistd with generic python call to run logging...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyChanged config variable name to settings. Now ignores...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyAdded command line and configuration file options for...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyUpdated render_POST to handle either a list or single...
2016-04-21  poorejcUpdate
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-14  mbeardUpdated config to not echo logstash errors to rubydebug
2016-04-14  mbeardAdded pre-made indices to get the test-app up faster.
2016-04-14  mbeardAdded script to initialize the backup repo for the...
2016-04-14  mbeardUpdated scripts to better handle errors.
2016-04-14  mbeardUpdated startup scripts to restore from pre-made indices.
2016-04-13  poorejcUpdate
2016-04-13  Michelle BeardAdded back draper copyright
2016-04-13  Michelle BeardUpdated license header year to 2016.
2016-04-13  Michelle BeardFixed notice. Not sure if we should add elasticsearch...
2016-04-12  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-12  RobUpdated license header
2016-04-09  poorejcUpdate
2016-04-09  poorejcUpdate
2016-04-08  RobUpdate
2016-04-08  Rob FoleyAdded Quick Start Guide
2016-03-31  RobUpdate
2016-03-30  mooshu1x2Update
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardAdded reference to wiki-demo page
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardFixed path error.
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardUpdated scripts to remove any reference to v2 or xdata_old.
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardUpdated kibana configuration to point to dashboard...
2016-03-28  Rob FoleyMerge branch 'issues/repo-cleanup' of https://github...
2016-03-28  Rob FoleyRemoved outdated json templates.
2016-03-28  Rob FoleyRemoved outdated json data.
2016-03-28  mooshu1x2Update
2016-03-28  mooshu1x2Update
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardCleaned up helper libs some more.
2016-03-28  Michelle BeardCreated demo directory to showcase userale and elk
2016-03-28  Rob FoleyRemoved outdated demo page and js
2016-03-28  Rob FoleyRemoved unused helper-libs.
2016-03-25  Michelle BeardPushed updates to logging server to master
2016-03-23  Michelle BeardAdded licenses to each script.
2016-03-23  Michelle BeardAdded cron job to register backup script
2016-03-23  Michelle BeardFirst pass at backing up elasticsearch indices and...
2016-03-18  mbeardFixed test app such that log trasmission is sent to...
2016-03-11  poorejcUpdate
2016-03-09  Michelle BeardModified install scripts to add back twisted_app.
2016-03-09  msbeardRemoved files due to directory change.
2016-03-09  msbeardupgrading elastic stack configurations and general...
2016-01-22  Felipe- Updating License with proper information elast 2/head
2016-01-22  Felipe- Adding initial pass of license information
2015-06-18  David ReedMerge branch 'development'
2015-06-18  David ReedMerge remote-tracking branch 'bitbucket/development...
2015-06-18  David ReedUser-ALE will first check if a session ID is in the...
2015-06-16  David Reedmodified
2015-04-17  David ReedFixed a lot of changes: v3.0.0
2015-04-17  David ReedModified
2015-04-17  David ReedAdded Dashboards
2015-04-16  David ReedFixed a lot of changes:
2015-04-12  Seth KintighAdded line to suto kill twistd
2015-04-07  David Reedupdated dashboard, etc. Created an xdatav3 index
2015-04-07  David Reedmerged
2015-04-03  David ReedUpdate
2015-04-03  David ReedUpdate
2015-04-03  David Reedremoved map from coffeescript and added window onload...
2015-04-03  David Reedremoved map from coffeescript and added window onload...
2015-04-03  David ReedRemoved some garbage files
2015-03-31  David Reedremoved
2015-03-31  David ReedUpdate
2015-03-31  David Reedflattened components and renamed to elements
2015-03-30  David ReedUpdated demo
2015-03-30  David ReedUpdated logger and demo
2015-03-30  David ReedUpdated logger and demo
2015-03-30  David ReedCreating coffee script
2015-03-20  Felipe V- Added changes to javascript for new logging api
2015-03-20  Felipe V- Clearing old Kibana Dashboard files and making curren...
2015-03-13  Felipe V- Added Enumeration List to User intentions and user...
2015-03-13  Felipe V- Cleaned up Javascript code for logger and worker... github-master-head
2015-03-09  Felipe VUpdating files to reflect the new changes...
2015-03-09  Felipe V- Adding separation between ELK stack server and develo...
2015-03-05  sethAdded path to, changed to run in background issue/logstash
2015-03-04  skintighUpdate origin/issue/logstash
2015-03-04  skintighUpdate
2015-03-04  skintighUpdate
2015-03-04  skintighUpdate