2022-08-30  poorejcMerge pull request #279 from poorejc/master master test
2022-08-13  poorejcupdates package dependencies /example/webpack 279/head
2022-08-13  poorejcupdates package dependencies
2022-04-10  poorejcadds missing license header and entry to change log... doc-logging-wip 2.3.0-05_19_2022
2022-04-10  poorejcminor typo corrections to README
2022-04-10  poorejcadding autostart example in context in README
2022-04-08  poorejcupdates userale versioning in webpack and react-app...
2022-04-08  poorejcfixes typo in CHANGELOG
2022-04-07  poorejcupdates versioning for browser plugin to 2.3.0
2022-04-07  poorejcbumps dev dependencies, and updates versioning to 2.3.0
2022-04-07  poorejcdocs update for 2.3.0-RC-01
2022-04-06  poorejcadds basic instructions to react-app README
2022-04-05  poorejcadding userale filter and addl options to make example...
2022-04-01  giterdone77disables userale autostart behavior for npm users and... 234/head
2022-01-30  poorejcMerge branch 'apache:test' into test 221/head
2022-01-30  poorejcaddresses vulnerabilities in devDependencies
2022-01-30  poorejcMerge branch 'apache:test' into test
2022-01-30  poorejcmerging into test
2022-01-30  poorejcupdating package-log 210/head
2022-01-30  Joshua Pooreupdated example text
2022-01-22  unclegeddupdates dependencies in webpack example
2022-01-14  Joshua Pooremodified folder name, added in co-developed example
2022-01-12  Alex Veerasammypopulated index.js and README with OTel documentation
2022-01-12  Alex Veerasammycreated custom-log-example folder with blank index...
2022-01-06  poorejcupdated read me RE matinenance status
2022-01-06  poorejcupdated package-lock for compliance with nodejs 17... 202/head
2022-01-04  unclegeddupdates dependencies
2021-12-29  poorejcMerge branch 'test'
2021-12-29  poorejcupdating node packages -sinon
2021-12-29  poorejcMerge branch 'test'
2021-12-29  poorejcadding node 16, 17 to git workflows (CI)
2021-12-29  poorejcupdating dependences, eliminates vulnerabilities
2021-10-06  poorejcmaintenance on packages and package.json
2021-10-06  poorejcMerge pull request #170 from UMD-ARLIS/master
2021-10-06  poorejcMerge branch 'apache:master' into master 170/head
2021-10-06  poorejcmerging master
2021-10-05  Joshua Pooremerging test
2021-10-01  poorejcMerge pull request #3 from UMD-ARLIS/master
2021-10-01  poorejcMerge branch 'apache:test' into test
2021-10-01  Joshua Pooreadding All FRAMES instrumentation to Extensions
2021-08-25  unclegeddupdates dependencies through npm audit
2021-08-25  unclegeddupdates dependencies through npm audit
2021-08-25  unclegeddupdates node dependencies
2021-08-25  unclegeddupdates node dependencies 160/head
2021-06-04  poorejcMerge pull request #123 from apache/master
2021-06-04  poorejcMerge pull request #121 from lewismc/FLAGON-488 123/head 2.2.0-07_21_2021
2021-06-03  Lewis John... FLAGON-488 Add JSDELIVR documentation to UserALE JS 121/head
2021-05-29  poorejcadding ALv2 header to /example/log-label-example/index...
2021-05-25  unclegeddadds license to journey test and rollup config 117/head
2021-05-19  poorejcmerging versioning fixes for 2.2.0
2021-05-19  poorejcupdating versioning to 2.2.0
2021-05-19  poorejcmerging 2.2.0 staging commits to master
2021-05-19  poorejcMerge branch 'test' of
2021-05-18  unclegeddupdates KEYS
2021-05-18  poorejcupdates readme and changelog for 2.2.0 RC
2021-05-18  poorejctested webpack build with packed NPM test module, updat...
2021-05-18  poorejcrebuild package-lock and build artifacts RE 2.2.0 RC-01
2021-05-13  unclegedd[flagon-userale-50] fixes sendOnClose function using... 105/head
2021-05-11  unclegeddupdates rollup plugin 104/head
2021-05-10  unclegeddupdates even more deps 103/head
2021-05-10  unclegeddfixes example page loading index.js
2021-05-09  unclegeddupdates more deps
2021-05-09  unclegeddupdates dependencies 97/head
2021-04-02  poorejc[flagon-userale 45] fixes typos in readme
2021-03-31  Gedd Johnsonfixes userale version typos in readme 77/head
2021-03-27  poorejcmerging PR 69 rollup build refactor
2021-03-27  poorejcadding PR 69 and build artifacts from integration testing
2021-03-27  poorejcmerging PR 69 rollup refactor
2021-03-27  poorejcregenerated build artifacts
2021-03-27  poorejcmerging PR 70
2021-03-27  poorejcrebuilt artifacts generated through integration testing
2021-03-27  poorejcmerging ES6 refactor
2021-03-27  poorejcMerge branch 'refactor-vars' of
2021-03-24  Gedd Johnsonadds babel to rollup builds 69/head
2021-03-24  Gedd Johnsonupdates rollup to latest version 2.42.3
2021-03-24  Gedd Johnsonrefactors gulp using rollup
2021-03-24  poorejcmerging cypress tests and examples'
2021-03-24  poorejcMerge branch 'UncleGedd-custom-labels-docs' into test
2021-03-24  poorejcadding rebuilt artifacts after testing
2021-03-24  poorejctested npm 2.1.1 package and additional testing for...
2021-03-24  poorejcadding rebuilt artifacts during testing
2021-03-24  poorejcMerge branch 'UncleGedd-test' into experimental-cypress
2021-03-24  poorejcrebasing against UncleGedd-test
2021-03-23  Gedd Johnsonadds babel to builds 70/head
2021-03-23  Gedd Johnsonrefactors var into let/const
2021-03-22  Gedd Johnsonupdates custom labeling docs 64/head
2021-03-18  Gedd Johnsonadds documentation around custom logs
2021-03-18  UncleGeddUpdate package.json 61/head
2021-03-17  poorejcmerging cypress tests into experimental branch
2021-03-17  poorejcMerge branch 'test' into UncleGedd-test
2021-03-17  Gedd Johnsonadds cypress journey test
2021-03-17  poorejctested npm 2.1.1 package and additional testing for...
2021-03-16  poorejcmerging pageLoad commits to master
2021-03-16  poorejctested npm 2.1.1 package and additional testing for...
2021-03-15  Gedd Johnsonadds cypress journey test
2021-03-13  poorejc[flagon-userale 58] add LogType=Raw and Type=load to...
2021-03-13  poorejcmerging page load PR code into master
2021-03-13  poorejcfinished testing page load PR with full rebuild of...
2021-03-13  poorejcrebuilt fresh package-lock
2021-03-13  poorejcadding package-lock updates