2022-06-19  poorejcreverting to original asf.yaml at master master
2022-06-19  poorejcupdating asf.yml after skywalker example asf-site
2022-06-19  poorejcupdating asf-site asf.yaml
2022-06-19  poorejcadding asf-site publish flag to asf.yaml
2022-06-19  poorejcupdating site content file for prod
2022-06-19  poorejcupdating _site files
2022-06-19  poorejcupdates to site docs
2022-06-19  poorejcupdates README for site deployment instructions
2022-06-19  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into lewismc-asf-site
2022-06-19  poorejcresolving merge conflicts
2022-06-19  poorejcMerge branch 'asf-site'
2022-06-14  brucearctorMerge pull request #25 from brucearctor/typo
2022-04-28  Bruce Arctortypos 25/head
2021-06-24  poorejcfixing merge for UserALE.js 2.2.0 site updates
2021-06-24  poorejcupdating site for UserALE.js 2.2.0 release
2021-06-03  Lewis John... FLAGON-488 Add JSDELIVR documentation to UserALE JS 22/head
2021-04-17  poorejcadding feed.xml for 2.1.1 release
2021-04-17  poorejcsite updates for 2.1.1 release
2021-03-06  poorejcadding some Kibana Dashboard screens
2021-03-05  poorejcupdating single-node deployment instr. to account for...
2021-02-12  poorejcupdating logos
2021-02-10  poorejcadding asf.yaml to enable issues and projects
2021-02-10  poorejcadding logos file
2020-03-29  poorejcmerging 2.1.0 release site updates into asf-site
2020-03-29  poorejcadding 2.1.0 release updates to content
2020-03-29  poorejcupdating feed.xml
2020-03-29  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2020-03-29  poorejcupdating _site for Release
2020-03-29  poorejcmerge PR #8, minor changes to downloads page
2020-03-29  poorejctested PR and made minor modification to downloads... 8/head
2019-11-01  dependabot... Bump jekyll from 3.3.1 to 3.6.3 in /site
2019-10-28  poorejcadding new logo SVGs
2019-09-23  poorejcupdated Docker readme to include instructions for setti...
2019-09-09  poorejcupdate site with ASF compliant download page
2019-09-09  poorejcUpdate download page for ASF compliance
2019-09-05  poorejcpulling v2.0.2 site updates to live site
2019-09-05  poorejcv2.0.2 updates to content
2019-09-05  poorejcv2.0.2 release updates to _site
2019-09-05  poorejcsite updates for v2.0.2 release
2019-08-30  poorejc[FLAGON-444] Added options API example in API examples
2019-08-30  poorejc[FLAGON-450] Updated Elastisearch builds to 6.8.2
2019-08-22  poorejc[FLAGON-446,449] Add NOTEs of Deprecation to TAP/Distil...
2019-08-22  poorejcupdating release page for v2.0.2 release
2019-08-22  poorejc[FLAGON-445] Update release scripts to include Disclaim...
2019-07-14  poorejc[FLAGON-382, 347, 406] merging Flagon name change updat...
2019-07-14  poorejcremove SensSoft from top-level readme
2019-07-13  poorejcmissed one SensSoft
2019-07-13  poorejccleaning out idea file
2019-07-13  poorejcminor updates for test branch
2019-07-13  poorejc[FLAGON-382, 347, 406] Updated Docker files and README...
2019-07-12  poorejc[FLAGON-420,421] add notice, license updates, add discl...
2019-07-12  poorejc[FLAGON-420,421] Update NOTICE, License, and add Disclaimer
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] pushing data scaling formatting live
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] a few more formating updates to scaling...
2019-07-09  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] Fixes broken scaling page
2019-07-09  poorejcmerging fixes to links on release pages and misplaced...
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-417>419] Fixes links to archives, download...
2019-07-03  poorejcmerging mods for v2.0.0 release links
2019-07-03  poorejcupdating Releases links for v2.0.0
2019-07-02  poorejcstaging v 2.0.0 changes to release links
2019-06-29  poorejcmerging with master
2019-06-29  poorejccopying over _site to content
2019-06-29  poorejcmerge with master
2019-06-29  poorejcupdating keys
2019-06-29  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-06-29  poorejcpre-merge push to catch up with master
2019-06-29  poorejc[FLAGON-351] Fixing format errors and updating v1.0...
2019-06-28  poorejc[FLAGON-351] Updated Website with Flagon name
2019-06-28  poorejcminor fixes to links and header
2019-06-28  poorejcrenamed keys file
2019-06-28  poorejc[FLAGON-344] updates to website to reflect Flagon namec...
2019-06-27  poorejccopied rebuilt site from docker container
2019-06-27  poorejcfixes broken distill page
2019-06-27  poorejcminor updates to pages
2019-06-21  poorejc[FLAGON-414] Updated release scripts--they no longer...
2019-06-21  poorejc[FLAGON-411] Release scripts now package webextension...
2019-06-20  poorejc[FLAGON-410] Add setLogMapper API examples to website...
2019-06-14  poorejcadded new examples to and added WIP text to...
2019-06-14  poorejc[FLAGON-378] added modifying src guide to site
2019-06-09  poorejc[FLAGON-347] Update Kibana Saved Objects to reflect...
2019-06-05  poorejc[FLAGON-391] Update release scripts with new URL and...
2019-04-30  poorejcUpdate
2019-04-29  poorejcUpdate
2019-04-29  poorejcUpdate
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-382] Updated README. Second update needed when...
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-378] correcting minor syntax error
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-378] correcting minor syntax error
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-379] completed scaling guide
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-379] added images for scaling guide in site...
2019-04-27  poorejc[FLAGON-379] Finished Scaling guide (just need to add...
2019-04-22  poorejc[FLAGON-378] WIP updates
2019-04-22  poorejc[FLAGON-379] WIP updates
2019-04-21  poorejc[FLAGON-378] WIP updates
2019-04-21  poorejc[FLAGON-381] WIP updates
2019-04-21  poorejc[FLAGON-379] WIP updates
2019-04-20  poorejc[FLAGON-381] added WIP stub for dataschema docs
2019-04-20  poorejc[FLAGON-378] Created WIP stub page for modifying useral...
2019-04-20  poorejc[FLAGON-377] Added WIP stub page for UserALE.js API...
2019-04-20  poorejc[FLAGON-380] file name change testing->build