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2018-02-09  ddekany(Gradle build fix)
2018-02-09  ddekany(Removed the removed banner.txt from the LICENSE)
2018-02-08  ddekanyRefined Rat excludes
2018-02-08  ddekanyRemoved or excluded any remaining files for which Rat...
2018-02-08  ddekanyAdded rat task to build.gradle
2018-02-08  ddekanyAdded missing copyright headers
2017-12-11  ddekanyUse CDN for pure.css. Also upgraded it to 1.0.0
2017-11-14  ddekanyImproved error message a bit more...
2017-11-14  ddekanyFixed poor error message ("undefined: undefined") when...
2017-11-14  ddekanyWorkaround for case when users manage to submit templat...
2017-11-07  ddekanyAdded FreeMarker configuration to Dropwizard
2017-11-07  ddekanyAdded some help to dropdowns
2017-11-07  ddekanyDon't pollute error log with #recover reports.
2017-11-07  ddekanyUpdated to FreeMarker 2.3.27
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