descriptionApache Gobblin (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 21 Nov 2017 03:51:48 +0000 (19:51 -0800)
3 days ago  Hung Tran[GOBBLIN-317] Add dynamic configuration injection in... master
9 days ago  Lei Sun[GOBBLIN-294] Change logging level for reflection utilities
9 days ago  Jack Moseley[GOBBLIN-314] Validate filesize when copying in writer
9 days ago  zhchen[GOBBLIN-315] Fix shaded avro is used in LineageEventBu...
10 days ago  zhchen[GOBBLIN-307] Implement lineage event as LineageEventBu...
11 days ago  Lei Sun[GOBBLIN-309] Disabled rewrite and enabled retry for...
11 days ago  Joel Baranick[GOBBLIN-306] Added documentation calling out an issue...
11 days ago  adsharma[GOBBLIN-313] Added option to explicitly set group...
2017-11-10  Hung Tran[GOBBLIN-312] Pass extra kafka configuration to the...
2017-11-10  Hung Tran[GOBBLIN-310] Skip rerunning completed tasks on mapper...
2017-11-09  zhchen[GOBBLIN-305] Add csv-kafka kafka-hdfs job template
2017-11-08  Kuai Yu[GOBBLIN-308] Change boot sequence of gobblin cluster...
2017-11-07  zhchen[GOBBLIN-273] Add job failure monitoring
2017-11-07  Arjun[GOBBLIN-304] Change default version of flow specs...
2017-11-07  Jack Dintruff[GOBBLIN-287] Adding a service name to the resource...
2017-11-03  Kuai Yu[GOBBLIN-303] Remove empty avro files during compaction
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