descriptionApache HAWQ (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 23:16:43 +0000 (16:16 -0700)
4 days ago  Ed EspinoHAWQ-1489. Add LICENSE, DISCLAIMER and NOTICE to pxf... master
5 days ago  Wen LinHAWQ-1458. The maximum value of guc share_input_scan_wa...
5 days ago  Oleksandr DiachenkoHAWQ-1446: Introduce vectorized profile for ORC.
5 days ago  amyrazz44fix share input scan bug for writer part
6 days ago  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1487. Fix hang process due to deadlock when it...
12 days ago  John GaskinHAWQ-1486. Catch error out on NULL condition for churl_...
12 days ago  intermaHAWQ-1485. fix exception of decryptPassword twice in...
13 days ago  intermaHAWQ-1485. Use user/password instead of credentials...
13 days ago  stanlyxiangHAWQ-1447. Fix ranger build failure
2017-06-13  Shubham SharmaHAWQ-1480 - Added feature for packing a core file
2017-06-09  Lav JainHAWQ-1461. Improve partition parameters validation...
2017-06-07  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1475. Add LICENSE, NOTICE, and DISCLAIMER files...
2017-06-07  intermaHAWQ-1477. Implement Ranger plugin service connect...
2017-06-06  Ed EspinoHAWQ-1481. Rework Maven "3" major version check.
2017-06-01  stanlyxiangHAWQ-1476. Augment to support...
2017-06-01  intermaHAWQ-1478. Enable hawq build on suse11
3 days ago Apache HAWQ RC3
2 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
2 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
4 months ago Apache HAWQ RC4
4 months ago Apache HAWQ RC3
5 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
5 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
8 months ago rel/v2.0.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
17 months ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC4 RC4 with 2 extra files ASLv2 header fix
17 months ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC3 Remove external Python Module,...
18 months ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC2 Cleaned up unnecessary jars, tars...
19 months ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC1 RC1 for 2.0.0 beta. All IP issues...
2 years ago [JIRA: GPSQL-2650] Cablevision...
3 years ago HAWQ/PXF RC 1.
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4 days ago master
2 months ago HAWQ-1421
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4 months ago HAWQ-1297
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6 months ago HAWQ-1190
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