descriptionApache HAWQ (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 6 Jun 2018 08:53:37 +0000 (16:53 +0800)
2018-06-06  intermaHAWQ-1618. Segment panic at workfile_mgr_close_file... master
2018-06-06  Weinan WangHAWQ-1619. Fix Vectorized Execution bugs
2018-06-01  Ivan LeskinHAWQ-1599. Add PXF-Ignite plug-in.
2018-05-31  Divya BhargovHAWQ-1621. Call FileSystem.closeAllForUGI at the end...
2018-05-31  Weinan WangHAWQ-1508. fix travis broken
2018-05-31  Wen LinHAWQ-1620. Push down target list information(pi_targetl...
2018-05-28  Wen LinHAWQ-1616. Fix the wrong result of hash join when enabl...
2018-05-21  Wen LinHAWQ-1615. Fix accessing invalid memory when run a...
2018-05-18  Shujie ZhangHAWQ-1612. Implement vectorized aggregate functions...
2018-05-14  Wen LinHAWQ-1608. Implement Printing Runtime Filter Informatio...
2018-05-11  Michael GoddardUpdates to PXF Parquet to support S3 eventually
2018-05-10  Weinan WangHAWQ-1613. Create Date based Vectorized type and releva...
2018-05-09  Wen LinHAWQ-1607. This commit implements applying Bloom filter...
2018-05-04  Weinan WangHAWQ-1609. Update regression test configuration
2018-05-04  Weinan WangHAWQ-1609. Implement Vectorized Motion Node
2018-04-27  Shujie ZhangHAWQ-1611. refactor the vtype in order to advance the...
3 months ago rel/v2.3.0.0 Apache HAWQ(incubating)
3 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
4 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
11 months ago rel/v2.2.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
11 months ago rel/v2.1.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
12 months ago Apache HAWQ RC3
14 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
14 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
16 months ago Apache HAWQ RC4
16 months ago Apache HAWQ RC3
17 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
17 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
20 months ago rel/v2.0.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC4 RC4 with 2 extra files ASLv2 header fix
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC3 Remove external Python Module,...
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC2 Cleaned up unnecessary jars, tars...
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