descriptionApache HAWQ (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 21 Feb 2018 04:37:23 +0000 (12:37 +0800)
3 days ago  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1590. bump hawq version to 2.3 in contrib/hawq... master
4 days ago  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1589. bump hawq version to 2.3 in pom.xml for...
12 days ago  Weinan WangHAWQ-1583. Vectorization execution framework init.
2018-02-10  shivzoneHAWQ-1587. Fix metadata parameters handling in PXF
2018-02-09  Alexander DenissovHAWQ-1036. Implement user impersonation in PXF
2018-02-08  YiHAWQ-1586. Update version from to
2018-02-07  Alex DiachenkoHAWQ-1585. Fixed Javadoc generation warnings and errors.
2018-02-07  shivzoneHAWQ-1581. Separate PXF system parameters from user...
2018-02-06  Lav JainHAWQ-1584. Propogate bridge endIteration exception...
2018-02-06  Kuien LiuHAWQ-1557. Concurrent drop should not report error...
2018-02-06  Alex DiachenkoHAWQ-1575. Implemented readable Parquet profile for...
2018-02-01  Weinan WangHAWQ-1514. TDE feature makes libhdfs3 require openssl1.1
2018-01-31  Shubham SharmaHAWQ-1527 Added feature to enable partition filtering...
2018-01-24  YoungForestHAWQ-1582. hawq ssh cmd bug when pipe in cmd
2018-01-23  Lav JainHAWQ-1580. Set PXF port number to 5888 for GPDB
2018-01-16  Dmitriy DorofeevHAWQ-1579. Fix pxf logging issue with null Metadata
11 days ago Apache HAWQ RC1
7 months ago rel/v2.2.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
7 months ago rel/v2.1.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
8 months ago Apache HAWQ RC3
10 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
10 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
12 months ago Apache HAWQ RC4
12 months ago Apache HAWQ RC3
13 months ago Apache HAWQ RC2
13 months ago Apache HAWQ RC1
16 months ago rel/v2.0.0.0-incubating Apache HAWQ(incubating)
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC4 RC4 with 2 extra files ASLv2 header fix
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC3 Remove external Python Module,...
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC2 Cleaned up unnecessary jars, tars...
2 years ago 2.0.0-beta-incubating-RC1 RC1 for 2.0.0 beta. All IP issues...
3 years ago [JIRA: GPSQL-2650] Cablevision...
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4 months ago HAWQ-1535
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