descriptionApache HDT (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 23 Dec 2014 06:21:37 +0000 (11:51 +0530)
2014-12-23 Rahul Sharma- Complete Retirement steps master
2013-06-22 Rahul SharmaHDT-30 : RAT check enabled
2013-06-20 Rahul SharmaHDT-25 : The command ("dfs.browser.action.delete")...
2013-05-21 adamb[HDT-21] contributed by Mirko Kaempf
2013-05-05 adambfixed ignore, missing a newline between ds_store and...
2013-04-13 adambclasspath contained duplicates causing errors
2013-04-13 adambMove all hadoop-2 work into branch
2013-04-13 adambHadoop and dependency jars are all added from the hadoo...
2013-04-12 adambmerge for hadoop 0.23 support
2013-04-12 adambbin should never have been here
2013-04-12 adambneed eclipse.ui.ide to make the programmatic action...
2013-04-12 adambrolled out HDT-20, as the giant list of jars is actuall...
2013-04-12 adambfindLaunchConfiguration is no longer called in the...
2013-04-09 adambSwitched out to the library set for Hadoop 0.23.6
2013-04-09 adambHDT-24 Added remaining bundle runtime classpath items...
2013-03-26 adamb[HDT-20] this will only pick up hadoop-core for now...
22 months ago hdt-release-0.0.2.incubating-RC1 release RC1 for 0.0.2.incubating
23 months ago hdt-release-0.0.2.incubating-RC0 -relesed 0.0.2.incubating
2 years ago hdt-release-0.0.1.incubating-RC3 - making 0.0.1.incubating rc3
2 years ago hdt-release-0.0.1.incubating-RC2 0.0.1.incubating RC2
2 years ago hdt-release-0.0.1.incubating-RC1 0.0.1.incubating release
17 months ago master
22 months ago hadoop-eclipse-merge-development
22 months ago hadoop-eclipse-merge
3 years ago hadoop-1
3 years ago hadoop-contrib