descriptionApache Impala (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 26 Apr 2017 22:34:04 +0000 (22:34 +0000)
24 hours ago  Thomas Tauber... IMPALA-4731/IMPALA-397/IMPALA-4728: Materialize sort... master
25 hours ago  Michael HoIMPALA-5251: Fix propagation of input exprs' types...
25 hours ago  Michael HoIMPALA-5192: Don't bake MemPool* into IR
44 hours ago  Dimitris TsirogiannisIMPALA-5147: Add the ability to exclude hosts from...
45 hours ago  aphadkeIMPALA-4893: Efficiently update the rows read counter...
2 days ago  Attila JegesIMPALA-3079: Fix sequence file writer
2 days ago  Sailesh MukilIMPALA-5244 test_hdfs_file_open_fail fails on local...
3 days ago  Thomas Tauber... IMPALA-5125: SimplifyConditionalsRule incorrectly handl...
4 days ago  Jim AppleIMPALA-5031: remove undefined behavior: nullptr member...
5 days ago  Jim AppleIMPALA-4544: ASAN should ignore SEGV and leaks
6 days ago  Tim ArmstrongIMPALA-5229: huge page-backed buffers with TCMalloc
6 days ago  Tim ArmstrongIMPALA-5222: don't call Bits::Log2*() functions
6 days ago  Bharath VissapragadaIMPALA-4943: Speed up block md loading for add/recover...
6 days ago  Taras BobrovytskyIMPALA-4883: Union Codegen
6 days ago  Thomas Tauber... IMPALA-5217: KuduTableSink checks null constraints...
6 days ago  Sailesh MukilIMPALA-5182: Explicitly close connection to impalad...
3 months ago 2.8.0 2.8.0 release
3 months ago 2.8.0-rc1 2.8.0 release candidate 1
6 months ago 2.7.0 2.7.0 release
7 months ago 2.7.0-rc3 Release candidate 3 of Impala 2.7.0
7 months ago 2.7.0-rc2 Release candidate 2 of Impala 2.7.0
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