descriptionApache Liminals goal is to operationalise the machine learning process, allowing data scientists to quickly transition from a successful experiment to an automated pipeline of model training, validation, deployment and inference in production. Liminal provides a Domain Specific Language to build ML workflows on top of Apache Airflow.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 3 Jul 2022 08:30:16 +0000 (01:30 -0700)
2022-07-03  Zion RubinStream out docker-build cmd stdout master
2022-07-03  Lidor Ettingerexclude empty liminal yaml
2022-07-03  Lidor Ettingerclean liminal home
2022-07-03  dependabot... Bump pyyaml in /tests/runners/apps/test_spark_app/wordc...
2022-07-03  dependabot... Bump pyspark from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 in /examples/spark...
2022-06-09  Lidor Ettingerupdate req breaking changes (#84)
2022-06-09  Lidor EttingerMerge pull request #83 from zionrubin/bugfix/upgrade...
2022-05-26  Zion RubinUpdate liminal/build/image/python_server/python_server_... 83/head
2022-05-26  Zion RubinUpdate python_server_requirements.txt
2022-05-26  Zion RubinUpdate python_server_requirements.txt
2022-05-26  zion.rubinfix tests / upgrade flask
2022-02-13  Simon Levin[LIMINAL-25] Respond with 204 to favicon requests to...
2022-02-10  lidor ettingeralign liminal airflow with requirements txt 0.0.4rc2-incubating
2022-02-08  zion rubinfix path to getting-started
2022-01-19  Zion Rubin[LIMINAL-51] Allow user extensions of liminal abstractions 0.0.4rc1-incubating
2021-12-15  ChethanUK[LIMINAL-87] Enable PreCommit Hooks isort yamllints...
5 months ago 0.0.3.post1 fixing pypi breaking changes
7 months ago 0.0.4rc2-incubating liminal 0.0.4rc2
7 months ago 0.0.4rc1-incubating liminal 0.0.4rc1
11 months ago 0.0.3 Apache Incubator Liminal 0.0.3
13 months ago 0.0.3rc4-incubating Release candidate #4
13 months ago 0.0.3rc3-incubating RC 3
13 months ago 0.0.3rc2-incubating v 0.0.3 second RC
13 months ago 0.0.3rc1-incubating v 0.0.3 first RC
17 months ago 0.0.2rc2-INCUBATING fixining licensing issue in rc1
17 months ago 0.0.2rc1-INCUBATING v 0.0.2 - fix issues in AWS deployment
19 months ago 0.0.1rc6-INCUBATING version 0.0.1rc6-INCUBATING
19 months ago 0.0.1rc5-INCUBATING version 0.0.1rc5-INCUBATING
20 months ago 0.0.1rc4-INCUBATING version 0.0.1rc4-INCUBATING
20 months ago 0.0.1rc3-INCUBATING version 0.0.1rc3-INCUBATING
20 months ago 0.0.1rc2-INCUBATING version 0.0.1rc2-INCUBATING
21 months ago 0.0.1rc1-INCUBATING
2 weeks ago dependabot/pip/apache-airflow-2.3.4
2 months ago sagemaker_example
2 months ago add-k8s-secret
2 months ago master