2021-02-15  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #89 from apache/fix-utils-test develop
2021-02-15  Kealan McCuskerfix utils test 89/head
2021-01-18  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #88 from apache/add-ff-exp-precomput...
2021-01-06  Samuele AndreoliFormat code add-ff-exp-precomputation 88/head
2021-01-06  Samuele AndreoliImprove ff test
2021-01-06  Samuele AndreoliAdd benchmarks for ff precomputation
2021-01-06  Samuele AndreoliAdd ff precomputation
2020-12-02  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #87 from apache/fix-typo
2020-12-02  Kealan McCuskerfix typo 87/head
2020-08-04  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #84 from apache/oct-fixes
2020-08-03  Samuele Andreolimake comp CT and check octet max len in toHex 84/head
2020-05-27  Giorgio ZoppiMerge pull request #82 from apache/security_checks
2020-04-17  Giorgio Zoppi modified: src/oct.c 82/head
2020-04-17  Giorgio Zoppi deleted: .idea/.gitignore
2020-04-17  Giorgio ZoppiAdded security checks:
2020-04-16  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #80 from apache/review-mike
2020-04-14  Samuele AndreoliPerform initial reduction in invmodp 80/head
2020-04-12  Samuele Andreoliadd debug norm statements to big
2020-04-09  Samuele Andreoliformat code
2020-04-09  Samuele Andreoliuse naming convention for ff powers
2020-04-08  Samuele Andreoliimprove documentation
2020-04-07  Samuele AndreoliAdd isunity to ff
2020-04-07  Samuele AndreoliExtract inversion mod q from crt
2020-03-27  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #79 from apache/issue74-review-ct
2020-03-26  Samuele Andreolireference libsodium 79/head
2020-03-25  Samuele Andreolimake invmodp CT
2020-03-25  Samuele Andreolimake comparison and others ct
2020-03-20  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #78 from apache/fix-cmake-warning
2020-03-20  Kealan McCuskerfix cmake warning 78/head
2020-03-10  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #77 from apache/issue73-new-paillier...
2020-03-09  Samuele AndreoliMake ff api consistent 77/head
2020-03-09  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #76 from apache/issue75-review-norm
2020-03-08  Samuele AndreoliUse new trick in paillier ecnryption and keygen
2020-03-05  Samuele AndreoliAdd missing norms 76/head
2020-03-05  Samuele AndreoliFix tests when using DEBUG_NORM
2020-02-19  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #72 from apache/add-multiple-exponen...
2020-02-04  Samuele AndreoliUse tailored primes in ff test 72/head
2020-02-04  Samuele AndreoliFormat code
2020-02-04  Samuele Andreoliadd constant time triple exponent
2020-02-03  Samuele AndreoliAdd support for non constant time multiple exponentiation
2020-01-22  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #71 from apache/fix-bls-wrapper
2020-01-21  Kealan McCuskerdo not install BLS example 71/head
2020-01-21  Kealan McCuskerfixed BLS Python wrapper
2020-01-10  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #67 from apache/issue66
2020-01-10  Kealan McCuskerfix bug in Paillier code 67/head
2020-01-09  Kealan McCuskerAdd header wrapper to paillier
2020-01-09  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #65 from apache/issue64
2020-01-09  Kealan McCuskerfix bug in Python BLS wrapper 65/head
2020-01-06  John McCane... Merge pull request #63 from apache/updateversion 2.0.1
2020-01-06  John McCane... update VERSION to 2.0.1 63/head
2020-01-06  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #62 from apache/issue61
2020-01-06  samuele-andreolirun code format 62/head
2020-01-06  samuele-andreoliuse correctly sized worksapces in paillier decryption
2019-12-19  John McCane... Merge pull request #60 from apache/update-readme 59/head
2019-12-16  John McCane... minor updates re: installation 60/head
2019-12-13  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #58 from apache/issue57
2019-12-13  samuele-andreolifix paillier doc 58/head
2019-12-13  Kealan McCuskerupdate Doxyfile
2019-12-12  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #56 from apache/issue51
2019-12-12  samuele-andreoliadd back ff pow2 56/head
2019-12-12  samuele-andreoliremove debug statements from test
2019-12-12  samuele-andreolifix typo
2019-12-12  Kealan McCuskerfix typo
2019-12-11  samuele-andreoliuse dscopy instead of zeroing
2019-12-09  samuele-andreoliadd big consistency tests for all paillier ff levels
2019-12-09  samuele-andreoliimprove CRT
2019-12-06  samuele-andreoliimprove decryption using CRT
2019-12-04  samuele-andreoliadd i/o functions for paillier public key
2019-12-04  samuele-andreoliremove unnecessary clause from rsa tests
2019-12-04  samuele-andreoliuse inversion modulo 2^m trick for division
2019-11-28  samuele-andreoliff - allow specification of exponent size in skpow
2019-11-28  samuele-andreolichange paillier API to use private/public key
2019-11-27  samuele-andreoliuse side channel resistant functions when necessary
2019-11-27  samuele-andreolifix bug where r was generated in Zn instead of Zn2
2019-11-26  samuele-andreolirework paillier so ff_8192 is not needed
2019-11-26  samuele-andreoliRevert "remove DEBUG statements from Paillier code"
2019-11-26  Kealan McCuskerremove DEBUG statements from Paillier code
2019-11-26  Kealan McCuskerMerge branch 'develop' into issue51
2019-11-20  samuele-andreolifix inconsistency in bpow2 documentation
2019-11-20  samuele-andreoliimprove ff conversions
2019-11-20  samuele-andreoliuse custom double exponentiation for paillier encryption
2019-11-19  samuele-andreoliremove paillier from non 64 bit builds
2019-11-19  samuele-andreoliMerge pull request #55 from apache/review-bls
2019-11-18  samuele-andreoliadd missing import to paillier consistency test
2019-11-18  samuele-andreoliMerge branch 'develop' into review-bls 55/head
2019-11-18  Kealan McCuskerMerge pull request #54 from apache/issue53
2019-11-18  Kealan McCuskerformat code 54/head
2019-11-18  Kealan McCuskerfix doxygen for BLS
2019-11-18  Kealan McCuskerupdate VERSION
2019-11-18  Kealan McCuskerupdated BLS to accept non null terminated input char...
2019-11-13  samuele-andreoliremove unnecessary scalar multiplication API
2019-11-13  samuele-andreolinormalise secret for comparison in secret recover
2019-11-13  samuele-andreolicode cleanup
2019-11-13  samuele-andreoliimprove shares computation
2019-11-13  samuele-andreoliimprove interpolation coefficients computation
2019-11-13  samuele-andreoliuse low level BIG and ECP API when possible
2019-11-12  samuele-andreoliadd benchmark and example
2019-11-12  samuele-andreoliadd paillier tests
2019-11-12  samuele-andreoliadd paillier to build
2019-11-11  Kealan McCuskeradded paillier code