2016-11-29  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'github-miracl/master' master
2016-11-29  Boyan BakovUpdate bower package version(js-lib) 3/head
2016-09-21  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'github-miracl/master'
2016-09-21  Pavlin AngelovFix dependecies to link to proper Apache incubator... 2/head
2016-07-14  Nick KewMerge
2016-07-07  bbvoxTransfer to library desire authentication protocols...
2016-07-04  bbvoxMerge pull request #9 from miracl/mass/compatible
2016-06-07  Pavlin AngelovShow status of mobile authentication
2016-05-30  Boyan BakovAdd mobile QR code screen
2016-05-26  Pavlin AngelovNormalize the emails before register the user identity
2016-05-24  Mike Hewittfixed link to Milagro docs in readme 1/head
2016-05-13  Pavlin AngelovCreate an build script for Milagro Pin Pad
2016-05-05  Vladislav MitovInitial commit