2016-12-15  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'miracl/master' master
2016-12-15  Simeon AladjemUpdate documentation 3/head
2016-12-13  Vassil AngelovImplement wrapper for GetServiceDetails
2016-11-18  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'miracl/master'
2016-11-18  Simeon AladjemUpdate documentation 2/head
2016-11-18  Vassil AngelovCreate SDK wrappers for SetClientId and FinishAuthentic...
2016-09-17  Simeon AladjemAdd documentation
2016-09-13  Vassil AngelovFix all users listed for each backend
2016-09-12  Simeon AladjemMerge pull request #4 in MM/mpin-sdk-android from updat...
2016-09-10  Simeon AladjemUpdate submodule to Milagro
2016-09-09  Vassil AngelovAdd new network error codes in Status
2016-07-14  Vassil AngelovApply MPinSdk API changes
2016-07-14  Vassil AngelovRelease 1.1
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovApply MPinSDK API changes
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovUpdate sdk-core
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovIntegrate MaaS support
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovAdd arm64-v8a as APP_ABI
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovChange maven repos urls and update gradle wrapper
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovAdd building instructions to README
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovFix http request encoding
2016-05-09  Vassil AngelovUpdate mpin-sdk-core submodule
2016-02-16  Simeon AladjemChange submodule URL to relative
2016-02-10  Vassil AngelovAdd activateCode to start registration
2016-02-08  Vassil AngelovAdd maven artifact configuration
2016-02-05  Vassil AngelovMerge pull request #1 in MM/mpin-sdk-android from repo...
2016-02-04  Vassil AngelovImport SDK project
2016-02-03  Vassil AngelovInitial commit