descriptionApache Mnemonic (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 23 Mar 2017 20:25:33 +0000 (13:25 -0700)
4 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-232: Improve the MneDurableInputSession to... master
5 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-229: Remove the call to initNextPool from...
5 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-230: Make it possible to return the iterator...
5 days ago  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-228: Implement iterators for durable arrays
6 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-227: Unify the usage of initNextPool() of...
7 days ago  Debo DuttaInitial template for DurableSet
7 days ago  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-221: Implement get and set for durable array
7 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-224: Create a Mnemonic-sessions module
12 days ago  paleyMNEMONIC-216: Support Hadoop mapred APIs
13 days ago  paleyMNEMONIC-218: Make inputSession & outputSession to...
2017-03-14  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-105: Adding Testcases for durable buffers...
2017-03-14  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-215: Cleanup of memory leaks in Linkedlist...
2017-03-09  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-209: Implementing iterators for Maps
2017-03-07  paleyMNEMONIC-214: Make MneDurableInputSession rewind-able
2017-03-07  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-208: Adding PUT/GET/DELETE for durable maps.
2017-03-01  Wang, Gang... Stay version to 0.5.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
3 weeks ago v0.5.0-incubating Releasing 0.5.0-incubating rc1
3 months ago v0.4.0-incubating Releasing 0.4.0-incubating rc1
5 months ago v0.3.0-incubating Releasing 0.3.0-incubating rc4
8 months ago v0.2.0-incubating Releasing 0.2.0-incubating rc3
10 months ago v0.1.2-incubating Releasing 0.1.2-incubating rc3
10 months ago v0.1.1-incubating Releasing 0.1.1-incubating
10 months ago mnemonic-parent-0.1.0-incubating [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
13 months ago v2.0.0
14 months ago v1.6.6-SNAPSHOT uploaded version of codebase
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