descriptionApache Mnemonic (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 22 May 2017 17:48:48 +0000 (10:48 -0700)
3 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-271: Durable object transaction feature master
6 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-273: Improve the runall script to handle uncom...
6 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-270: Durable object wise persistence feature
7 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-268: Support to adjust the size of underlying...
9 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-269: Unexpected token in docker
9 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-267: Upgrade the Dockerfile to use ARG feature
13 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-266: Upgrade Spark artifacts to v2.1.1
13 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-265: Remove runall command from Dockerfile
13 days ago  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-264: Add option to suppress the confirmation...
2017-05-10  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-262: Make the interface OutputSession computable
2017-05-10  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-261: Add mnemonic-spark info to README
2017-05-10  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-259: Add test cases to verify its functionalit...
2017-05-09  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-258: Implement the functionalities of DurableR...
2017-05-08  Wang, Gang... MNEMONIC-257: Add APIs about DurableRDD's direct IO
2017-05-02  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-255: Add Insert and Search functionality for...
2017-04-29  Johnu GeorgeMNEMONIC-254: Avoid loops in set functions for cyclic...
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7 months ago v0.3.0-incubating Releasing 0.3.0-incubating rc4
10 months ago v0.2.0-incubating Releasing 0.2.0-incubating rc3
12 months ago v0.1.2-incubating Releasing 0.1.2-incubating rc3
12 months ago v0.1.1-incubating Releasing 0.1.1-incubating
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