2019-08-26  OscarFMMYRIAD-312 Fix JDK on Travis build (#141) master
2019-08-26  OscarFMMYRIAD-318 Update LICENSE file to reflect bootstrap...
2019-08-26  OscarFMMYRIAD-314 Update version to 0.5.0 (#139)
2019-08-06  OscarFMMerge pull request #137 from oscarfmdc/MYRIAD-309 myriad-0.4.0-incubating
2019-08-06  OscarFMMYRIAD-308 md5 removed (insecure) (#136)
2019-08-06  oscarfmdcMYRIAD-309 Update CHANGELOG for v0.4.0 release 137/head
2019-08-05  OscarFMMerge pull request #135 from oscarfmdc/MYRIAD-304
2019-08-05  oscarfmdcMYRIAD-304 Keep a config file (checkstyle, findbugs... 135/head
2019-08-02  OscarFMMYRIAD-305 Added Bootstrap component License (#134)
2019-08-02  OscarFMMYRIAD-299 Changed file to md (#133)
2019-08-02  OscarFM MYRIAD-299 Added CHANGELOG file (#132)
2019-07-29  OscarFMMerge pull request #131 from oscarfmdc/MYRIAD-180
2019-07-29  oscarfmdcMYRIAD-180 Build should not pollute sources (moved... 131/head
2019-07-27  OscarFMRenaming artifacts with v0.3.0 + updated some docs...
2019-07-19  OscarFMUpgrade to mesos 1.8 (#128)
2019-07-18  Joerg SchadMake links relative in index.html. (#102)
2019-07-18  OscarFMUpdated some documentation to latest version (#129)
2019-07-16  OscarFMMYRIAD-296 Updated node, gradle, gulp and npm to fix...
2019-06-29  OscarFMMYRIAD-294 Added license footers to a few markdown...
2019-03-25  Javi RomanMYRIAD-293 fixed GitBox URL and cleanup md5 checksum...
2019-02-26  Javi RomanMYRIAD-290 fails with TAR error message...
2019-02-26  Javi RomanMYRIAD-289 (re-open) Fix with new GIT_URL... myriad-0.3.0-incubating
2019-02-26  Javi RomanMYRIAD-289 Fix with new GIT_URL (#122)
2019-02-26  Javi RomanMYRIAD-284 License headers checking with Apache Rat...
2018-12-17  Javi RomanMYRIAD-282 Add key information in Vagrant -> libvirt...
2018-12-14  Javi RomanMYRIAD-281 myriad-repository is pointing to wrong repos...
2018-11-17  jpgilaberteMYRIAD-264 Upgrade Mesos API to 1.5.0
2018-11-17  Javi RomanMYRIAD-277 Fix source repository for Apache Mesos
2018-10-26  jpgilaberteMYRIAD-274 Fix auto-incremented dependencies
2018-06-06  Javi RomanMYRIAD-267 Mount local Myriad development folder into...
2018-05-19  Yinon AvrahamRemove maven central repository, use only jcenter
2018-05-05  Javi RomanMYRIAD-263 Add HDFS as system service in DC/OS vagrant...
2018-04-21  jpgilaberteMYRIAD-80 Resolvedependency conflicts
2018-04-19  jpgilaberteAdded links to and fixed other stuff.
2018-04-12  jpgilaberteMYRIAD-73 Add <pre> tag in yaml example
2018-04-10  Javi RomanA full DC/OS cluster for Apache Myriad development...
2018-04-05  Javi RomanSupport for Vagrant-libvirt based testbed.
2018-04-03  Mohit SoniSwitching to oraclejdk8 to take care of JDK version...
2016-10-07  Klaus MaUsed reserved resources firstly. 93/head 94/head 97/head 98/head
2016-08-30  hokiegeek2Implementation of MYRIAD-229, MYRIAD-237, MYRIAD-238...
2016-08-12  DarinJRefactor which addresses Myriad 213, 214, and 136 in...
2016-07-29  ponnuMYRIAD-218 Cleaned up TaskUtils. Removed unused methods...
2016-07-20  hokiegeek2MYRIAD-234 JUnit test additions, updates, minor code...
2016-07-14  hokiegeek2MYRIAD-220 Initial check-in
2016-07-12  hokiegeek2MYRIAD-200
2016-06-30  DarinJWebsite updates.
2016-06-30  Klaus Matypo & set minimum-allocation-mb for fine grain
2016-06-28  darinjFixed regression in Configuration
2016-06-08  hokiegeek2Bulk commit of MYRIAD-198 changes
2016-05-23  darinjUpdate cgroups documentation - was missing a necessary... 0.2.x 116/head myriad-0.2.0-incubating
2016-05-17  darinjUpdate NOTICE file to 2016
2016-05-17  Sarjeet SinghCouple of minor bug fixes for 0.2.0 RC:
2016-05-13  darinjdocker/build.gradle was missing header file
2016-05-12  darinjRelease prep: 0.2.0
2016-05-12  darinjContinuation of Myriad 171, started to work towards...
2016-05-12  darinjCreated better cgroup support please see
2016-05-12  darinjAdded the ability to specify a URI to pull configuratio...
2016-05-12  darinjAdded Docker Support, see the in docker direc...
2016-05-09  Mohit SoniUpdate to mesos 0.28.1
2016-05-09  Mohit SoniMade JVM URI, Path and JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH configurable...
2016-04-02  darinj[Myriad 171] - updateFile had parameter change between...
2016-03-31  Brandon GullaDocker Gradle Integration
2016-03-13  darinj[Myriad 188] - NodeManager switch to UNHEALTHY causes...
2016-03-10  DarinJ[MYRIAD-153] tasks not finishing when FGS is enabled.
2016-03-10  Zachary JaffeeMYRIAD-186 Clean up the build
2016-02-24  Ken SipeThis closes: #56
2016-02-24  Ken SipeThis closes: #53
2016-02-24  Ken SipeThis closes: #58
2016-02-24  Ken Sipeadded import and changed logger to not be static
2016-02-24  Ken SipeMerge branch 'pr-54'
2016-02-24  smarellaAdded blog post to announce Myriad 0.1.0
2016-02-24  Zachary JaffeeMYRIAD-175 Change Destroy myriad REST api method from... 58/head
2016-02-19  Zachary JaffeeMYRIAD-181 Build failure due to dependency on zookeeper... 56/head
2015-12-18  Mohit SoniFixed typo in name
2015-12-12  smarellaAdded 0.1.0 release info to news and downloads
2015-12-10  smarellaExclude 'support' folder from release sources 53/head
2015-12-10  smarellaScripts to help with Apache Releases
2015-12-10  Adam BAdded 'incubating' to first mentions of Myriad on website.
2015-12-10  Sarjeet SinghAdded 'destroy api' details to Myriad REST API section
2015-12-03  Mohit SoniFixed rendering problem, by putting license headers...
2015-11-20  smarellaIncorporated feedback from IPMC on RC2 0.1.x myriad-0.1.0-incubating
2015-11-20  Naveen ManivannanMissed Update
2015-11-18  Ken SipeThis closes: #48
2015-11-18  Brandon GullaThis closes: #47
2015-11-18  Ken Sipeupdating gradlew to 2.9 which provides faster increment... 48/head
2015-11-18  Brandon GullaPrepended FrameworkName to the task-name
2015-11-13  Santosh MarellaAdded ASF Source Headers
2015-11-13  klucarfixed networking so web interfaces forward correctly
2015-11-12  klucarUpdated Vagrantfile to work with the supported Mesos...
2015-11-10  Mohit SoniUpdated
2015-11-10  klucarMyriad 172
2015-11-10  Zhongyue LuoRemoves trailing whitespaces in docs
2015-11-10  Zhongyue LuoFixes sample yarn-site path in remote distribution...
2015-11-10  smarellaChanged occurrences of Myriad and Hadoop versions
2015-11-10  Brandon GullaChanged HADOOP_VERSION from 2.7.1 to 2.7.0 to ensure...
2015-11-09  Swapnil DaingadeMYRIAD-170 Myriad initialization fails with "parameter...
2015-11-09  Zhongyue LuoFix Myriad config file path in docs
2015-11-06  smarellaAdded Apache license headers to some more files
2015-11-05  klucarRemoved unused MesosModule and TestMyriadScheduler...
2015-11-05  Ruth HarrisUpdated all existing doc *.md files with the equivalent...