descriptionApache NuttX Testing contains shared test infrastructure for Apache NuttX (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 6 Jun 2021 19:16:46 +0000 (16:16 -0300)
2021-06-06  Brennan AshtonMark the repository as moved master
2021-04-04  Xiang Remove the tail space
2021-04-04  Xiang XiaoSimplify arm test list by using glob pattern
2021-04-04  Xiang XiaoRename sim00.dat/sim01.dat to
2021-04-04  Xiang XiaoSplit sim.dat to sim00.dat and sim01.dat
2021-04-03  Xiang Xiaoother.dat: Remove the Darwin black list
2021-04-03  Matias Nmove avr, risc-v, xtensa and x86 builds out of other.dat
2021-04-03  Matias Nadd canceling workflow
2021-03-15  Xiang Xiaotestlist: Remove gapuino and nr5m100-nexys4 from black...
2021-02-22  Masayuki Ishikawatestlist: Add /arm/rp2040 to arm-04.dat
2021-02-21  Abdelatif Guettouchedocker/linux/Dockerfile: Don't use IDF to get the ESP32...
2021-01-16  YAMAMOTO add --quiet option to brew update to reduce...
2021-01-16  YAMAMOTO TakashiRemove 2to3 link as suggested
2021-01-16  YAMAMOTO TakashiRun "brew update" before installing avr-gcc
2021-01-16  YAMAMOTO TakashiRevert "Disable AVR targets on macOS due to homebrew...
2021-01-12  YAMAMOTO Takashinuttx-ci-linux: Install libpython2.7 for xtensa-esp32...
15 months ago master