descriptionApache NuttX is a mature, real-time embedded operating system (RTOS)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 6 Oct 2022 06:29:39 +0000 (08:29 +0200)
20 min ago  Xiang Xiaolist.h: Add local temp variable to avoid the double... master
14 hours ago  raiden00plnucleo-f446re: add romfs support
18 hours ago  Xiang Xiaoboards: Change the linker generated symbols from uint32...
21 hours ago  Masayuki Ishikawaarch: qemu-rv: Fix build errors in chip.h for BUILD_KER...
25 hours ago  Masayuki Ishikawaboards: raspberrypi-pico: Adjust CONFIG_UART0_TXBUFSIZE...
27 hours ago  Masayuki Ishikawaarch: risc-v: Introduce g_percpu_spin in riscv_percpu.c
30 hours ago  raiden00pllet NET_CAN_RAW_FILTER_MAX depends on NET_CANPROTO_OPTI...
35 hours ago  Gustavo Henrique... xtensa/esp32: Allow allocation of user data in SPI RAM
35 hours ago  Xiang Xiaofs/epoll: Notify POLLIN directly(avoid set POLLFILE)
35 hours ago  Xiang Xiaopoll: Don't need monitor POLLERR or POLLHUP explicitly
35 hours ago  Xiang XiaoFix chip/cxd56_gnss.c:2858:7: error: label 'err' used...
39 hours ago  Masayuki Ishikawasched: irq: Refactor irq_spinlock.c
2 days ago  Alan Carvalho... doc/esp32: Fix typo in the softap
2 days ago  Brennan Ashtonbl602: Add initial DMA support, including SPI over...
2 days ago  Petro Karashchenkosched/semaphore: fix priority boost restoration for...
2 days ago  Jukka Laitinenarch/risc-v/src/mpfs/mpfs_ethernet.c: Set PHY speed...
3 weeks ago nuttx-11.0.0-RC2 nuttx-11.0.0-RC2
4 weeks ago nuttx-11.0.0-RC1 nuttx-11.0.0-RC1
7 weeks ago nuttx-11.0.0-RC0 nuttx-11.0.0-RC0
3 months ago nuttx-10.3.0 nuttx-10.3.0
3 months ago nuttx-10.3.0-RC4 nuttx-10.3.0-RC4
3 months ago nuttx-10.3.0-RC3 nuttx-10.3.0-RC3
5 months ago nuttx-10.3.0-RC2 nuttx-10.3.0-RC2
5 months ago nuttx-10.3.0-RC1 nuttx-10.3.0-RC1
6 months ago nuttx-10.3.0-RC0 nuttx-10.3.0-RC0
10 months ago nuttx-10.2.0 nuttx-10.2.0
11 months ago nuttx-10.2.0-RC0 nuttx-10.2.0-RC0
16 months ago nuttx-10.1.0 nuttx-10.1.0
17 months ago nuttx-10.1.0-RC1 nuttx-10.1.0-RC1
17 months ago nuttx-9.1.1 nuttx-9.1.1
17 months ago nuttx-10.1.0-RC0 nuttx-10.1.0-RC0
21 months ago nuttx-9.1.1-RC0 nuttx-9.1.1-RC0
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