2020-07-23  Otto van der... Tweaks for python3 master
2018-07-16  cclaussDefine unicode() for Python 3 (#9)
2018-01-13  Otto van der... Update mps repo link (#8)
2017-06-09  Otto van der... Fix inconsistent output on 32 bits and 64 bits systems...
2017-01-12  Jeff KaufmanMerge pull request #6 from pagespeed/jefftk-update...
2017-01-12  Jeff KaufmanAdd a readme
2017-01-12  Jeff Kaufmanupdate license to MPL 2.0, and remote filename to publi... 6/head
2017-01-12  Jeff Kaufmanupdate the public suffix list
2015-08-11  Jeffrey Crowelladd .Makefile to gitignore
2015-08-06  Jeffrey Crowelladd gitignore for usage with modpagespeed
2015-03-17  jefftkUpdate to the 2/17/2015 public suffix list. Since...
2015-03-17  jefftkAdd script to synthesize intermediate domains to work...
2015-02-17  jefftkWhen compiled with MSVC on a 64 bit platform, parent...
2014-04-15  bmcquadeexpand nodes from 5 to 6 bytes to allow larger componen...
2014-04-15  bmcquadefix memory issue on empty string (issue 2) (patch from...
2011-10-25  bmcquadeFix headers declared in gyp fil.
2011-10-20  bmcquadeAdd a basic fuzz test.
2011-10-18  bmcquadeAdd some additional tests.
2011-10-18  bmcquadeAdd a few more tests.
2011-10-17  bmcquadeMake code ANSI C89-friendly.
2011-10-15  bmcquadeMake it possible to override domain registry provider...
2011-08-02  bmcquadeVarious fixes and improvements.
2011-07-29  bmcquadeMake sure the hostname contains only ASCII characters.
2011-07-29  bmcquadeLimit hostnames to 255 characters, per various RFCs.
2011-07-20  bmcquadeRename readme to reflect the project name.
2011-07-20  bmcquadeSwitch generated files to using .h extension.
2011-06-30  bmcquadeFix windows build.
2011-06-30  bmcquadeCleanup around detection of invalid components.
2011-06-30  bmcquadeWhen looking for unknown registries, make sure the...
2011-06-30  bmcquadeRevert premature perf optimization that doesn't bring...
2011-06-30  bmcquadeAdd support for unknown registries.
2011-06-29  bmcquadeAdd registry_search and the rest of the implementation.
2011-06-28  bmcquadeAdd base C classes and trie_search.
2011-06-27  bmcquadeMake TrieNode sort wildcard entries at the end of the...
2011-06-20  bmcquadeSmall updates
2011-06-06  bmcquadeFix paths.
2011-06-06  bmcquadeClean up for main gyp file.
2011-06-06  bmcquadeBreak dependency on chromium svn.
2011-06-06  bmcquadeA few more small updates.
2011-06-06  bmcquadeSmall fixes to work with gyp/gclient
2011-06-06  bmcquadeInitial checkin.