2022-02-07  sebbASFMerge pull request #530 from lewismc/ISSUE-529 master
2021-11-18  SebbDocs are now in ponymail-site repo
2021-11-17  Daniel GrunoPoint towards foal for newcomers
2021-10-15  SebbDuh! try with the rest of the URL
2021-10-15  SebbCommt ref not accepted
2021-10-15  SebbTest if can use Lua
2021-10-12  SebbAllow for JSON string input
2021-10-11  SebbSet exit status on error
2021-10-11  SebbAdd AL2.0
2021-10-11  SebbBetter key names
2021-10-08  SebbFlesh out escape_html method
2021-10-08  SebbAlso show original parameters
2021-10-08  SebbAllow showQuery unless disabled
2021-10-08  SebbSafety first
2021-10-07  SebbWrong name
2021-10-07  SebbAdd Generator test
2021-10-07  SebbLua action not currently permitted
2021-10-07  Sebbmedium_original generator is no more
2021-10-07  SebbAllow for changes to archiver invocation
2021-10-07  SebbAdd LUA to mix
2021-10-05  SebbDuplicate code - done later
2021-10-01  SebbAllow for debug of query on live system
2021-09-29  SebbSimple CLI tester for stats.lua query parsing
2021-09-27  SebbObsolete comment
2021-06-15  Sebb Bug: stats.lua dfrom and dto parameters not doc
2021-06-15  SebbBug: atom.lua is not documented
2021-06-15  SebbBug: notifications.lua 'seen' option is not documented
2021-06-15  SebbBug: &since option for stats.lua is not documented
2021-06-12  SebbBug: PM setup does not support ES 6 - undocumented
2021-06-05  SebbBug: PM does not support ES 7 - undocumented
2021-06-05  SebbBug: PM does not support ES 7 - undocumented (#536)
2021-05-26  SebbMake a start on requirements
2021-05-26  Sebbbuffering=1 not allowed with binary files
2021-05-12  SebbMove test-only file to test directory
2021-05-10  SebbOops, managed to drop this line
2021-05-03  SebbEnh: stats.lua could return monthly stats
2021-05-03  SebbBug: Invalid mailing list address supplied #516
2021-05-03  SebbOops, typo
2021-05-03  SebbEnh: stats.lua could return monthly stats
2021-02-17  Lewis John... ISSUE-529 Update README with new ponymail-foal project... 530/head
2020-09-08  SebbSkip the final processing instead for testing
2020-09-08  SebbFix accidental duplication
2020-09-03  SebbDrop medium_original - not useful
2020-08-30  SebbBug: msgbody() function issues
2020-08-29  SebbAvoid lint warning by using raw string
2020-08-29  SebbFix import to agree with usage
2020-08-28  SebbQuieten
2020-08-28  SebbBug: convertToWrapped expects bytes
2020-08-27  SebbAttachments affect cluster id
2020-08-27  SebbTidy output (message-id can have LF)
2020-08-27  SebbNote re inline parsing
2020-08-26  SebbAllow tests to pass
2020-08-26  SebbconvertToWrapped needs CRLF input
2020-08-26  SebbMake start on RN
2020-08-26  SebbTypo
2020-08-26  SebbDrop debug statement (commented)
2020-08-25  SebbBug: convertToWrapped expects a bytestring
2020-08-25  SebbBug: don't add archived-at header to parsed message
2020-08-24  SebbAdd generator type and strip msg id
2020-08-23  SebbMake output quieter
2020-08-22  SebbMove args to Archive constuctor
2020-08-22  SebbDoes not need to be class method
2020-08-20  SebbDocn
2020-08-20  Sebbarchiver dump_dir keyword parameter does nothing
2020-08-20  SebbRun on repo push
2020-08-20  SebbNeed html2text
2020-08-20  SebbNeed croupout
2020-08-20  SebbNeed basic config file
2020-08-20  SebbMissing installs
2020-08-20  SebbTypo
2020-08-20  SebbWrong keyword
2020-08-20  SebbTry to enable trigger button
2020-08-20  SebbTry to run unit tests
2020-08-17  SebbSpurious spaces
2020-08-17  SebbTidy imports
2020-08-17  SebbComment re broken code
2020-08-17  SebbPrefer plain imports; update method param docs
2020-08-17  SebbPrefer plain imports
2020-08-17  Sebbunused
2020-08-17  SebbRe-organise imports
2020-08-16  SebbUnnecessary as the variable is set below
2020-08-16  SebbSetting archiver.archive_generator doesn't work
2020-08-15  SebbAlready imported below
2020-08-15  Daniel GrunoFix typo in HTML extraction
2020-08-14  SebbDocument unfortunate behaviour
2020-08-14  Daniel GrunoDefault to config option, which may not be 'full'
2020-08-14  Daniel GrunoOF: Should use override if defined
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoUpdate generator test to work with recent archiver...
2020-08-10  Daniel Gruno+= 2020
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoBe more lenient in List-ID parsing
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoAdjust parameters to work witrh updated
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoPull main operation into main(), linting/PEP conformity...
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoComparfison with None should be done using 'is', tweak...
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoAdd missing import
2020-08-10  Daniel GrunoRefactor for efficiency
2020-06-12  Daniel Grunounderscore should be a valid value (even if DNS doesn...
2020-03-18  SebbJust in case
2020-03-18  SebbGeneralise tests
2020-03-18  SebbUse a logger for more flexibility