descriptionApache Quickstep (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 14 Mar 2018 19:42:11 +0000 (14:42 -0500)
8 days ago  Zuyu ZhangFixed the bug that Executor / Cli does not create direc... master
8 days ago  Yuanchen LiFixed the gRPC Problem for Data Exchange
2018-03-06  Zuyu ZhangCheck File Handle in TextScanWorkOrder to avoid segfault.
2018-02-26  Jianqiao ZhuFix iwyu include path
2018-02-23  Jianqiao ZhuSmall adjust in star schema cost model for # distinct...
2018-02-18  Jianqiao ZhuFix the hanging problem of SeparateChainingHashTable...
2018-02-02  Jianqiao ZhuAdd a flag to allow disabling of Comparison inline...
2018-01-11  Harshad DeshmukhIDE Documentation fixes
2017-12-27  Harshad DeshmukhUpgraded benchmark third party library.
2017-12-21  Zuyu ZhangFixed the bug when partition w/ pruned columns.
2017-12-21  Harshad DeshmukhUpgrade cpplint
2017-12-17  Harshad DeshmukhRemove glog source code from third party
2017-12-01  Harshad DeshmukhGet the list of referenced base relations
2017-11-27  Dylan BaconHash-Join-Fuse: Feature added and tests modified.
2017-11-20  Robert ClausFix number of work orders generated for insert multiple...
2017-11-18  Yuanchen LiTemporary Build Support for OS X 10.13
11 months ago v0.1.0 0.1.0 release
8 days ago master
5 weeks ago transitive-closure
5 weeks ago trace
3 months ago disable-flags
5 months ago refactor-type
10 months ago frontend-backend
12 months ago quickstep-0.1.0
12 months ago LIP-time-decomposition
12 months ago agg-expr
15 months ago gh-pages
15 months ago viz
16 months ago delay-hashtable-memory-alloc
16 months ago glog-fix-apple
17 months ago chaining
17 months ago hashtable-resize-fix
17 months ago regression