descriptionApache Quickstep (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 11 Aug 2017 00:40:20 +0000 (19:40 -0500)
9 days ago  Zuyu ZhangApplied WorkOrderSelectionPolicy. master
2017-08-04  Jianqiao ZhuFix the bug with min/max aggregation.
2017-08-03  Zuyu ZhangFixed the check failure if a query does not have profil...
2017-08-03  Zuyu ZhangDisabled NetworkUtil_unittest.
2017-08-02  Zuyu ZhangDetermine #InitPartitions for CollisionFreeVectorTable...
2017-07-21  Zuyu ZhangDetermine #Partitions for Aggr State Hash Table in...
2017-07-18  Zuyu ZhangEnsure Physical node with partitioned inputs has partit...
2017-07-14  Zuyu ZhangAdded Partition Rule For NestedLoopsJoin.
2017-07-14  Zuyu ZhangAdded ORDER BY in a unit test.
2017-07-14  Zuyu ZhangAdded physical rule for partitioned aggregations.
2017-07-12  Zuyu ZhangCollapse Selections with predicates.
2017-07-11  Zuyu ZhangAdded Physical PartitionSchemeHeader in Physical Aggregate.
2017-07-11  Zuyu ZhangMinor style fixes in Partition rule.
2017-07-10  Zuyu ZhangSkip predicate pushdown if the node's input is a base...
2017-07-10  Zuyu ZhangRefactored PartitionAwareInsertDestination::getPartitionId.
2017-06-20  Zuyu ZhangIWYU for Selection strategy.
4 months ago v0.1.0 0.1.0 release
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13 days ago copy-to
3 months ago new-op
3 months ago frontend-backend
5 months ago quickstep-0.1.0
5 months ago LIP-time-decomposition
5 months ago agg-expr
8 months ago gh-pages
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9 months ago delay-hashtable-memory-alloc
9 months ago glog-fix-apple
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