descriptionApache Quickstep (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 20 Nov 2017 20:30:17 +0000 (14:30 -0600)
4 days ago  Robert ClausFix number of work orders generated for insert multiple... master
6 days ago  Yuanchen LiTemporary Build Support for OS X 10.13
2017-10-25  Robert ClausSupport Multiple Tuple Inserts
2017-10-13  Zuyu ZhangFixed the include path for farmhash.
2017-10-13  Zuyu ZhangFixed gcc compiler warning.
2017-10-12  Zuyu ZhangAdded Vector Aggregation support in the distributed...
2017-10-11  Harshad DeshmukhAdded ProbabilityStore class
2017-10-10  Zuyu ZhangRemoved unused argument always_mark_full.
2017-10-10  Zuyu ZhangRelax the sort requirement in columnstore.
2017-10-09  Zuyu ZhangAdded a new set API for TupleIdSequence.
2017-10-09  Zuyu ZhangMoved InsertDestination::getTouchedBlocks as a private...
2017-10-09  Zuyu ZhangRemoved the virtual function call in InvokeOnAnyValueAc...
2017-10-09  Zuyu ZhangFixed a flaky case in Catalog test.
2017-10-07  Zuyu ZhangFixed the distributed version due to query execution...
2017-10-03  Zuyu ZhangFixed the root path check in the
2017-09-29  Zuyu ZhangOptimized the mod operation in HashPartition.
8 months ago v0.1.0 0.1.0 release
4 days ago Hash-Join-Fuse
4 days ago master
7 days ago trace
6 weeks ago refactor-type
2 months ago fix-iwyu
6 months ago frontend-backend
8 months ago quickstep-0.1.0
8 months ago LIP-time-decomposition
8 months ago agg-expr
11 months ago gh-pages
12 months ago viz
12 months ago delay-hashtable-memory-alloc
12 months ago glog-fix-apple
13 months ago chaining
13 months ago hashtable-resize-fix
14 months ago regression