2016-01-31  Marvin HumphreyAdd RETIRED.txt to top level dir. master
2015-08-31  Peter KellyFlat: Use consistent variable names for Rules
2015-08-31  Peter KellyFlat: Option to print expressions as trees
2015-08-31  Peter KellyFlat: Remove commented-out code
2015-08-31  Peter KellyFlat: More flexible command-line options
2015-08-31  Peter KellyFlat: Adjust processing of command-line options
2015-08-28  Gabriela GibsonTest to see if no charset works. V0.1
2015-08-28  Gabriela GibsonTest to see if a new charset works.
2015-08-23  janiComments from IPMC on release 0.1
2015-08-23  janiCorrected buildbot warning.
2015-08-22  Gabriela GibsonLogging feature update
2015-08-22  Gabriela GibsonLogging feature update
2015-08-20  janiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-08-20  janieditorFramework, graphic is running
2015-08-19  Gabriela GibsonGithub Current Repository Directory Structure
2015-08-19  Gabriela GibsonLocal File Directory Structure
2015-08-19  janicleaned up editor Qt implementation classes
2015-08-19  Peter KellyAdd Objective C framework code from UX Write
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonGithub Current Repository Directory Structure
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonLocal File Directory Structure
2015-08-17  Gabriela Gibsoninitial log code, macro/portability check
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonLocal and Github (master) directory tree script
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonGithub Current Repository Directory Structure
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonLocal File Directory Structure
2015-08-17  janiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-08-17  janichange Qt objects from pointers to class variables.
2015-08-17  Gabriela GibsonRemove git hub tree file to rename
2015-08-17  Andrea PescettiFix typo.
2015-08-17  Andrea PescettiBuilding on iOS is not supported yet as per s.apache...
2015-08-17  janiincluded MOC compiler for Qt implementation
2015-08-16  janicorrected microsoft word zip error
2015-08-16  janiRemoved cmake build of editorFramework
2015-08-16  janiAdded editorFramework in experiments.
2015-08-15  Gabriela Tree structure files updated.
2015-08-15  Gabriela GibsonRemove file for renaming purposes.
2015-08-15  janiAdded description of how zip is used
2015-08-14  janiCorrected zip header (again
2015-08-14  Gabriela GibsonRefresh the html directory tree.
2015-08-14  Gabriela GibsonRefresh the html directory tree.
2015-08-14  janieditorFramework directory structure
2015-08-14  janiAdded editorFramework as experimental code.
2015-08-14  janimoved schemas to /experiments
2015-08-14  janiMoved experimentel code to /experiments
2015-08-14  janiRenamed DEVELOPERS to THANKS
2015-08-14  janiAdded disclaimer license
2015-08-14  janiadded license header to generated files
2015-08-14  janiAdded ALv2 license header
2015-08-14  janiRemoved rng files, they should be downloaded from the...
2015-08-14  janiRemoved ODF rng files since they should be downloaded...
2015-08-14  janiremoved w3c... test directory.
2015-08-13  janiDEVELOPERS need text explaining the content
2015-08-13  janinext update of LICENCE
2015-08-10  janiChanged LICENSE, NOTICE as pr. advice
2015-08-10  Peter KellyAdd CMake check to prevent building in source dir
2015-08-09  janiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-08-09  janiRemoved iconv from CMake link spec.
2015-08-09  Dennis Hamilton0.07 .gitignore clean-up
2015-08-09  Dennis HamiltonRemove iconv.txt
2015-08-09  janiMake sure iconv is not used
2015-08-09  Dennis Hamilton0.06 remove treatment of external/
2015-08-09  Dennis HamiltonNote on iconv dependencies
2015-08-09  Dennis HamiltonExpand .gitignore cases
2015-08-09  janiadded DISCLAIMER (would be a vote from IPMC)
2015-08-09  janiAdded LICENSE/NOTICE from release branch
2015-08-09  janikeep text files in sync with release branch
2015-08-09  janiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-08-09  janicorrected crc32 and some AOO stuff
2015-08-08  Peter KellyFlat: Label expressions
2015-08-08  Peter KellyFlat: Support parsing using custom grammars
2015-08-07  janiremoved cast error in wrapper_zip.c
2015-08-07  janiconverted tab to 4 spaces
2015-08-05  janiAdded functions to work directly with zlib.
2015-08-05  Peter KellyFlat: Adjust syntax for grammar definitions
2015-08-05  Peter KellyFlat: Add support for String expressions
2015-07-29  Peter KellyUse 'C' as prefix for framework classes
2015-07-29  Peter KellyMove framework classes into editor
2015-07-29  Peter KellyGet weak references working
2015-07-29  Peter KellyInitial start on an Apache-licensed UI toolkit
2015-07-27  janiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-07-27  janiAdded NONCONFORM_APACHE for editor
2015-07-27  Peter KellyAdd .DS_Store to .gitignore
2015-07-24  janiWindows build 32bit and 64bit
2015-07-18  janiRemoved the Qt editor for now.
2015-07-17  Peter KellyFlat: Build Grammar object from parsed PEG file
2015-07-17  Peter KellyFlat: Print connecting lines in Term tree output
2015-07-14  Peter KellyFlat: Print out terms after parsing
2015-07-14  Peter KellyFlat: Basic recursive-descent parser
2015-07-14  Peter KellyFlat: Separate functions for each expression type
2015-07-12  Peter KellyFlat: Resolve references after building grammar
2015-07-08  Peter KellyFlat: Data structure for built-in PEG grammar
2015-06-07  Peter KellyUse #pragma once in all header files
2015-06-07  Peter KellyDeclare destructors of QWidget subclasses virtual
2015-06-07  Peter KellyUse inline methods for Editor's js/webView getters
2015-06-07  Peter KellyCursor placement and selection (mouse only)
2015-06-07  Peter KellyFix moc compile error "No classes found"
2015-06-06  Peter KellyMerge EditorPrivate class into Editor
2015-06-06  Peter KellyFix path to javascript files on Windows
2015-06-06  Peter KellyEnable build of Qt app by default
2015-06-01  Ian CAPI docs for some of the DFDOM functions
2015-05-17  jani64bit compile clean update