descriptionApache Edgent (Incubating) Samples
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2018-02-14  Christofer... - Replaced the code for rounding double values to a... develop
2017-12-15  Dale LaBossiereadd hint about utilizing uber jar minimizeJar 7/head
2017-12-05  Dale typos 6/head
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossierefix IDE clone template doc
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossierefix IDE clone template doc
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossieredoc updates for getting started etc
2017-11-22  Dale LaBossiereUpdate info about building against a different runtime... 4/head
2017-11-22  Dale LaBossiereignore maven wrapper jar in template 3/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd CONTRIBUTORS and .mailmap 2/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd 1/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereupdate with download info
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereremove commented out parent decl in pom.xml.template...
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossieremake the samples build against the (latest) released...
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossierefix warning in sample
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossierereset samples version to match current (1.2.0-SNAPSHOT...
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