2016-01-31  Marvin HumphreyAdd RETIRED.txt to top level of repo. master
2015-10-19  Leo von KlenzeAdd support for Insomnia-PhoneGap-Plugin.
2015-10-19  Leo von KlenzeScanditSDK: Do not start the scanner twice.
2015-10-19  Leo von KlenzeCatch unhandled ScanditSDK calls and log them.
2015-10-19  Tim BarhamThis closes #33
2015-10-19  Julian HornRIPPLE-99 Updated emulation for Vibration API
2015-10-19  Julian HornRIPPLE-100 Fix battery status event emulation
2015-08-29  Tim BarhamRemove dredd.txt and fail.txt. 73/head
2015-08-17  Tim BarhamUpdate jake archive to produce SHA-1 instead of SHA...
2015-08-17  Tim Barhamv0.9.32 0.9.32
2015-08-17  Sylvain GardenRIPPLE-87 Ripple can't emulate a multiple page application.
2015-08-07  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'kai/fix-ripple-95'
2015-08-01  Arzhan KinzhalinRevert "Validate command-line options." 70/head
2015-07-31  ProH4CkFixed log message 69/head
2015-07-23  Tim Barhamv0.9.31 0.9.31
2015-07-23  Tim BarhamLICENCE and NOTICE file updates.
2015-07-21  Julian HornFixed RIPPLE-94 bugs in Console and Contacts APIs 68/head
2015-07-15  Arzhan KinzhalinFix RIPPLE-93.
2015-07-15  Arzhan KinzhalinValidate command-line options.
2015-07-15  Arzhan KinzhalinLook up cordova prepare when creating middleware.
2015-07-15  Arzhan KinzhalinImprove the accelerometer UI.
2015-06-30  Arzhan KinzhalinFix whitespace issue introduced in #59. 64/head
2015-06-18  Julian HornRIPPLE-91 Fix gpx file implementation in Geolocation...
2015-06-18  Arzhan KinzhalinRIPPLE-83 Fix Cordova prepare logic.
2015-06-18  Arzhan KinzhalinImprove jake lint.
2015-06-18  Arzhan KinzhalinRIPPLE-85 Button index is adjusted twice in notifications.
2015-06-18  Arzhan KinzhalinFix fixwhitespace task.
2015-06-18  Julian HornRIPPLE-89 Battery Status panel throws exception if...
2015-06-18  Julian HornFixed RIPPLE-88 62/head
2015-05-27  Tim Barhamv0.9.30 0.9.30
2015-05-27  Arzhan KinzhalinUpdate OpenLayers license and credits to v2.12.
2015-05-19  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-86 Ripple won't launch on IE or Edge. 60/head
2015-05-15  Arzhan KinzhalinClean up credits for the pieces not distributed. 57/head
2015-05-14  Brent LintnerThe next branch no longer exists. 53/head
2015-05-14  Arzhan KinzhalinAdd more specific build requirements. 54/head
2015-05-12  Tim Barhamv0.9.29 0.9.29
2015-05-12  Tim BarhamReinstate XMLHttpRequest.js license.
2015-05-12  Tim BarhamAdds 'jake rat' task to run Apache RAT, which verifies...
2015-05-12  Tim BarhamUpdate node and npm minimum version in package.json...
2015-05-12  Julian HornFixed a couple of test problems
2015-05-06  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-74 Ripple does not pass geolocation info to... 51/head
2015-04-22  Brent LintnerThere was some lint in a client file. 50/head
2015-04-22  Brent LintnerThere was some lint in the build archive module.
2015-04-21  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'timwindows_master'
2015-04-17  Ross GardlerMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-04-17  Ross Gardlerfix link to Cordova, remove incorrect reference to...
2015-04-16  Tim WindsorUpdates URLs for documentation and download to the... 48/head
2015-04-09  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-80 Add some tools to jake to support creating... 45/head
2015-03-17  Brent LintnerThis `` script is no longer used by anyone. 44/head
2015-03-06  Tim BarhamClean up some whitespace and CSS issues. 43/head
2015-03-06  Brent Lintnerv0.9.28 0.9.28
2015-03-06  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'RIPPLE-79'
2015-03-06  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'RIPPLE-78'
2015-03-05  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-79 Cordova Android platform 'App' service rename... 42/head
2015-03-05  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-78 Unexpected prompt for App.messageChannel... 41/head
2015-03-04  Brent Lintnerv0.9.27 0.9.27
2015-03-04  Brent LintnerThe ASF comments are showing up in cli help logs. 40/head
2015-02-27  Brent LintnerThe indented list (in README) should be > 1 space per...
2015-02-27  Brent LintnerExtra space character in README.
2015-02-17  Brent Lintnerv0.9.26 0.9.26
2015-02-16  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-77 Need to include DISCLAIMER and NOTICE files... 39/head
2015-02-11  Tim Barhamv0.9.25 38/head 0.9.25
2015-02-04  Ilya BuziukRIPPLE-76: Adding security warning for "Remote" proxy 37/head
2015-01-29  Tim BarhamRIPPLE-75 Some source files are missing Apache 2.0... 36/head
2014-11-16  Brent LintnerA small lint.
2014-11-16  Brent LintnerMerge PR:
2014-11-16  Brent LintnerMerge PR:
2014-11-16  Brent LintnerMerge PR:
2014-10-28  Andreas Gebhardtfix invalid call of if the default (local... 35/head
2014-10-10  Ilya BuziukRIPPLE 71: Adding BarcodeScanner plugin support 34/head
2014-09-26  Brent Lintnerv0.9.24 0.9.24
2014-09-26  Brent LintnerRogue log in tests.
2014-09-26  Brent LintnerThere was a small lint issue.
2014-09-25  Ilya BuziukRIPPLE-69: Adding cordova-3.6.x support 32/head
2014-09-07  Brent LintnerThese showed started showing up as "ready only"- ignore...
2014-09-07  Brent LintnerMissing some semi colons.
2014-09-07  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'battery_status'
2014-09-01  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'cursor_move'
2014-08-12  Robin van BaalenChanged daylight saving label 29/head
2014-08-05  Ilya BuziukChanging cursor when there is an ability of moving... 28/head
2014-08-04  Ilya BuziukAdding BatteryStatus support 27/head
2014-07-18  Ilya BuziukAdding build requirements for windows to 26/head
2014-06-26  Brent Lintnerv0.9.23 0.9.23
2014-06-26  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'RIPPLE-63'
2014-06-26  Brent LintnerMerge branch 'ripple-61'
2014-06-23  simonFEATURE added dummy nfc module 31/head
2014-06-23  simonFIX added missing cordova 3.0 action File.requestAllPat...
2014-06-23  simonFIX added missing cordova 3.0 action File.requestAllPaths
2014-06-04  Vladimir KotikovUse local proxy instead of remote by default 25/head
2014-05-15  Marko RaatikkaFix RIPPLE-61: search for locally installed cordova... 24/head
2014-05-13  Farid NeshatFix RIPPLE-60 - proxy not detecting json properly 23/head
2014-04-24  Brent Lintnerv0.9.22 0.9.22
2014-04-24  Raymond CamdenAddresses #45 - Firefox support related
2014-04-24  Brent LintnerSmall lint error.
2014-04-24  sgrebnovfixes RIPPLE-58 [Image Capture] Image preview is not...
2014-04-24  Brent LintnerThere were some unused variables.
2014-04-24  Brent LintnerTriple equals and unused function vars are too terse...
2014-04-24  АндрейAdd initial support of ScanditSDK plugin
2014-04-24  АндрейAdd App.exitApp and App.overrideBackbutton methods...
2014-04-24  Andrew TereshkoFix notifications, now support latest cordova api