2012-07-31  Matthieu MorelFix release notes suffix piper 0.5.0
2012-07-31  Matthieu MorelUpdate artifacts for release
2012-07-27  Matthieu MorelUpdate license and notice
2012-07-27  Matthieu MorelMinor readme update
2012-07-27  Matthieu MorelImprove distribution packaging
2012-07-26  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-89' into piper
2012-07-26  Matthieu MorelFix classpath issue for adapter by adding reference...
2012-07-26  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-88' into piper
2012-07-26  Matthieu MorelMinor fixes for license text encoding and readme text
2012-07-25  Matthieu MorelFix build version and dependencies in subproject files,
2012-07-25  Matthieu MorelUpdate license for related projects + removed code...
2012-07-25  Matthieu MorelAdd release information files, update scripts to genera...
2012-07-25  Matthieu MorelCleanup dependencies
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelUpdate license headers after rebase on top of latest...
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelPrefix all S4 config properties with "s4"
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelJavadoc updates
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelUpdate license headers in all java and gradle files
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-57' into piper
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-87' into piper
2012-07-24  Matthieu MorelUse a bounded blocking queue for fetching operations
2012-07-23  Matthieu MorelFixed fail-fast-induced issues in tests due to S4-85...
2012-07-23  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-85' into piper
2012-07-23  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-81' into piper
2012-07-20  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-11' into piper
2012-07-20  Matthieu MorelFail fast when Zookeeper connections expire S4-85
2012-07-20  Matthieu MorelUpdated dirty state API
2012-07-20  Matthieu Moreltools syntax improvements
2012-07-19  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-82' into piper
2012-07-19  Matthieu Morelupdated windowing PE API
2012-07-19  Matthieu MorelImprovements proposal for the windowing mechanism
2012-07-19  Matthieu MorelReorganized and renamed mock modules
2012-07-19  Matthieu MorelFix local communication optimization
2012-07-18  Matthieu MorelAdded checkpointing framework + tests
2012-07-16  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-65' into piper
2012-07-16  Aimee Chengadd status command
2012-07-14  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-75' into piper
2012-07-14  Matthieu MorelJavadoc cleanup + added some logging upon message sendi...
2012-07-14  Daniel Gómez... Simplify TCPEmitter
2012-07-13  Matthieu MorelRemoved timer in producer for producer/consumer test...
2012-07-13  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-74' into piper
2012-07-13  Matthieu MorelSynchronize cluster updates
2012-07-13  Matthieu MorelRegister stream in app using app reference passed to...
2012-07-13  Matthieu MorelPrevent "this" reference escape in the constructor...
2012-07-12  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-78' into piper
2012-07-12  Daniel Gómez... Only shutdown on specific tasks
2012-07-12  Daniel Gómez... Explicit shutdown
2012-07-12  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-72' into piper
2012-07-12  Matthieu MorelUse subdirectories for unzipping s4r files in s4.tmp...
2012-07-11  Matthieu MorelRefactored application classloading
2012-07-10  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-71' into piper
2012-07-09  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-61' into piper
2012-07-09  Matthieu MorelSet context classloader for event processing threads
2012-07-09  Matthieu Morelfixed closure of streams
2012-07-09  Matthieu MorelFixed s4r URI management + ensure only 1 app is loaded
2012-07-05  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-70' into piper
2012-07-04  Matthieu MorelFixed -zk parameter handling and modified the configura...
2012-07-03  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-60' into piper
2012-07-03  Matthieu Morels4 node command / development mode improvements:
2012-07-03  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-69' into piper
2012-07-02  Matthieu MorelInline clusters configuration for Zookeeper server...
2012-07-01  Matthieu MorelUpdgraded gradle to 1.0
2012-06-28  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-63' into piper
2012-06-28  Daniel Gómez... Fix timers synchronization
2012-06-20  Matthieu MorelFixed leftover from merge with S4-22
2012-06-15  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-22' into piper
2012-06-15  Matthieu Morelbugfixes for the twitter example (thanks Daniel!) S2-22
2012-06-11  Matthieu Morelfixed gradle warnings + added gradle options
2012-06-08  Matthieu Morelby default, remote senders send keyless events in round...
2012-05-31  Matthieu Morelfixed dependencies
2012-05-24  Matthieu Moreladded missing gradle libs
2012-05-24  Matthieu Morelimproved scripts + added adapter facilities
2012-05-19  Matthieu Morelinter-app communications + refactorings
2012-04-12  Matthieu Morelfixed port parameter
2012-04-12  Matthieu Moreladded option for deploying prepackaged s4r file
2012-04-10  Matthieu Morelfixed windowing PE initialization
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelupdated examples with recent core API changes
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelimproved s4 command parameters parsing
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelseparated communication and application level communication
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelutility scripts + refactored twitter app
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelinter-cluster communication
2012-03-29  Matthieu Morelinter-app communications
2012-03-26  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-7-FIX' into piper
2012-03-26  Matthieu Morelupdated automatic deployment test configuration S4-7-FIX 4/head
2012-03-26  Karthik KambatlaS4-7: Minor changes to avoid blocking on channel close
2012-03-26  Karthik KambatlaS4-7: At any moment, only a single send task is created...
2012-03-26  Karthik KambatlaS4-7: Modified TCPEmitter and TCPListener - Fixed remov...
2012-03-26  Karthik KambatlaS4-7: Modified comm-tests such that the receiver waits...
2012-03-02  Matthieu MorelS4-7 fixed race condition
2012-03-02  Karthik KambatlaS4-7 Robust TCP-based communication - guaranteed messag...
2012-03-02  Matthieu Morelfixed dependencies for s4-edsl tests
2012-02-23  Leo NeumeyerAdded Javadoc comments to Diezel XML. Changed withKeyFi... s4-5
2012-02-21  Leo NeumeyerUpgraded gradlew ro ver 1m7. Changed edsl grammar to...
2012-02-14  Leo NeumeyerCommitting the first working version of the S4 embedded...
2012-02-06  Leo NeumeyerFixed bug in build script.
2012-02-04  Leo NeumeyerFixed build script.
2012-02-04  Leo NeumeyerExclude transient dependencies to make the build script...
2012-02-04  Leo NeumeyerReverting previous change to build.gradle. This works...
2012-02-04  Leo NeumeyerAdded s4-edsl sub-project skeleton. S4-5
2012-02-03  Leo NeumeyerThe build script fail, couldnt find jms artifact. I...
2012-01-21  Matthieu MorelMerge branch 'S4-24' into piper