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2017-10-16  David LottsEMPTY COMMIT, RYA-228 was merged a while ago. Closes #1 master
2017-10-16  David Lotts3.2.11 release download and notes. Closes #4
2017-08-03  David Lottsfixed manual links
2017-08-03  David LottsShow the first release. PR: closes #2
2017-08-03  David LottsAdded release to downloads, first release page, new...
2017-07-11  John Smithfix broken url. Closes #228 johns0806:RYA-228-Broken...
2017-07-11  John Smithfix broken url, Closes #228 from johns0806:RYA-228...
2016-10-23  Aaron MihalikFix broken img for empty github id; hardcoding theme...
2016-10-21  Aaron Mihalikfix wording for Apache Accumulo ®
2016-10-21  Aaron MihalikAdding Org for dlotts
2016-09-13  Adina Crainiceanuadded the dev-subscribe@r.i.a.o email to the download...
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2016-08-29  Adina Crainiceanuremoved the GitHub link from main menu and download...
2016-07-07  Josh ElserFix elserj's github acct
2016-04-07  Adina CrainiceanuSource for the basic website with useful info
2015-10-16  Josh ElserInitial commit for website.
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