2019-01-25  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-248] HTTP interface integration. master
2019-01-24  DO YUNG YOONMerge branch 'S2GRAPH-248' of
2019-01-24  daewonfix the bug: broken test 193/head
2019-01-07  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-251] Provide JdbcSource/Sink
2018-12-29  daewonadd
2018-12-27  daewonadd data model
2018-12-27  daewonadd edge query
2018-12-27  daewonupdate edge mutate
2018-12-27  daewonfix csv-table warning
2018-12-27  daewonadd vertex manage
2018-12-26  daewoncomplete management
2018-12-26  daewonadd api document
2018-12-26  daewonupdate document for new api route
2018-12-26  daewonupdate akka http version
2018-12-21  Chul Kang[S2GRAPH-251] add jdbc options #251 194/head
2018-12-12  daewonChange startup script project to s2http
2018-12-06  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-226] Provide example spark jobs to explain...
2018-12-06  DO YUNG YOONchange column logs to edges. 182/head
2018-12-06  DO YUNG YOONfix compile error on test.
2018-12-06  DO YUNG YOONMerge branch 'master' into S2GRAPH-226
2018-12-05  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-225] support custom udf class
2018-12-03  Chul Kangkafka sink raw format 185/head
2018-11-30  daewonadd graphql route in s2http
2018-11-29  daewonmerge S2GRAPH-249
2018-11-29  daewonMerge pull request #3 from SteamShon/S2GRAPH-248
2018-11-29  DO YUNG YOONmerge S2GRAPH-249
2018-11-28  daewonadd PlayJsonSupport
2018-11-26  daewons2http initial commit
2018-11-23  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-243] Limit bug on 'graph/getEdges'
2018-11-23  DO YUNG YOONchange hbase version on travis.yml 187/head
2018-11-23  DO YUNG YOONMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into S2GRA...
2018-11-21  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-246] Integration of documents into the S2Graph...
2018-11-13  daewonupdate for python3 189/head
2018-11-13  daewonadd how to install `pip`
2018-11-13  daewonadd sphinx for s2grpah documnet build
2018-11-13  daewonadd ignore file for python env
2018-11-02  DO YUNG YOONbug fix on offset/limit with schema v3.
2018-11-02  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-245] Remove install hbase step on travis CI.
2018-11-02  DO YUNG YOONremove install hbase on travis CI. 188/head
2018-10-30  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-235] Fix typo errors in S2GraphQL MD
2018-10-29  DO YUNG YOON- add nowOpt on AggregateParam.
2018-10-19  DO YUNG YOONadd vertices.
2018-10-11  DO YUNG YOONrefactor WalLogAgg class.
2018-09-07  Hwansung Yu[S2GRAPH-235] Update document and fix typo errors in... 183/head
2018-08-27  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-232] Elimination of inefficiency due to duplic...
2018-08-22  DO YUNG YOONImplement and add test cases on below.
2018-08-13  DO YUNG YOONadd FilterWalLogAggProcess.
2018-08-13  DO YUNG YOONclean up WalLogAggregateProcess.
2018-08-13  DO YUNG YOONadd WalLogAggregateProcess.
2018-07-27  Chul Kangfix bug
2018-07-24  Chul Kangadd schema option for grok udf
2018-07-17  DO YUNG YOONadd Heap version for GroupByAgg.
2018-07-16  DO YUNG YOONadd wal package, WalLog class, UserDefinedAggregateFunc...
2018-07-13  daewonchange option name 181/head
2018-07-13  daewonMerge branch 'master' into S2GRAPH-232
2018-07-13  daewon[S2GRAPH-230] ResourceManager onEvict cause segmentatio...
2018-07-13  daewonMerge branch 'S2GRAPH-230'
2018-07-13  daewon[S2GRAPH-231] Change the GraphQL type name to a valid...
2018-07-13  daewonreTest ci 180/head
2018-07-11  daewonincrease schema create speed
2018-07-10  daewonadd distinct
2018-07-10  daewonremove inefficiency logic
2018-07-10  daewonadd toValidName
2018-07-09  DO YUNG YOONadd background task on ResourceManager onEvict. 179/head
2018-07-09  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-229] 'Step' abstraction for combinable queries
2018-07-02  daewonmake step works 178/head
2018-06-22  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-227]: version up SLF4J bindings(slf4j-log4j12...
2018-06-22  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-228]: GraphQL empty variable fields on post...
2018-06-22  DO YUNG YOONremove unnecessary files under s2graphql/project. 176/head
2018-06-22  DO YUNG YOONversion up hbase stable version.
2018-06-21  DO YUNG YOONfilterNot JsNull instead of null.
2018-06-21  DO YUNG YOONversion up slf4j bindings. 177/head
2018-06-21  Chul Kangadd grok udf
2018-06-21  Chul Kangadd udfs option
2018-06-21  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-221]: Unify configurations for bulk and mutate...
2018-06-21  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-223]: Support WhereParser on Vertex.
2018-06-20  DO YUNG YOONadd fromVertices on VertexQueryParam. 175/head
2018-06-18  DO YUNG YOONrun apache-rat. 173/head
2018-06-18  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-222]: Support Not logical operator in WhereParser.
2018-06-18  DO YUNG YOONrun apache-rat on S2GRAPH-219
2018-06-18  daewon[S2GRAPH-203] Support "application/graphql" Content...
2018-06-18  daewonMerge branch 'master' into S2GRAPH-203 172/head
2018-06-18  daewon[S2GRAPH-219] Added query that includes all vertices...
2018-06-18  daewonMerge branch 'S2GRAPH-219'
2018-06-18  daewonmerge master for ci 170/head
2018-06-18  DO YUNG YOONrevert removing 'not in' clause. 174/head
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-220]: Filter clause is not working on AnnoyMod...
2018-06-15  Doyung YoonMerge pull request #17 from daewon/S2GRAPH-223
2018-06-15  daewonadd filter param on serviceColumn field
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-218] add operations not supported on sql
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOONMerge branch 'S2GRAPH-218' of
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOON[S2GRAPH-216] Provide a transform directive in the...
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOON- Separate SearchParam from VertexQueryParam.
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOON- Refactor WhereParser to accept GraphElement.
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOONRefactor WhereParser to accept GraphElement, not Edge...
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOONremove not in.
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOONadd Not logical operator on WhereParser.
2018-06-15  DO YUNG YOONcommit missing changes on s2core.
2018-06-14  DO YUNG YOONtest cases passed.
2018-06-14  DO YUNG YOONinitial commit.