descriptionApache SensSoft User Ale (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 6 Dec 2016 16:33:51 +0000 (11:33 -0500)
2016-12-06  Rob FoleyAdded clientIp and userAgent to logs master
2016-09-21  Lewis John... SENSSOFT-61 Add ALv2.0 License Headers to UserALEv3 1/head
2016-07-26  RobUpdate userale.js
2016-07-26  RobMerge pull request #6 from draperlaboratory/issues...
2016-07-26  Rob FoleyRemoved unnecesary warnings for system logs, and added... issues/system-logs 3/head
2016-07-21  mooshu1x2Added filename argument to generate application specifi...
2016-07-11  Michelle Beardupdated logstash script to parse both userale3.0 and...
2016-07-11  Michelle BeardUpdated twisted app to accept useraleVersion field send-logs-update
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyAdded logger for UserAle.js
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyFixed issue with incorrect indices and error handling.
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyRemoved dependency on twistd daemon
2016-07-08  Rob FoleyUpdated to use twisted reactor
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyReplaced twistd with generic python call to run logging...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyChanged config variable name to settings. Now ignores...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyAdded command line and configuration file options for...
2016-07-07  Rob FoleyUpdated render_POST to handle either a list or single...
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