descriptionApache SensSoft User Ale JS (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 24 Jul 2017 19:31:09 +0000 (15:31 -0400)
2017-07-24  msbeardConverted format from umd to iffe. Added additional... SENSSOFT-214 master
2017-06-08  Rob FoleyAdded JSDoc DocBlock comments to document each function.
2017-06-08  msbeardSENSSOFT-191: Added Changelog and updated package requi...
2017-05-17  msbeardSENSSOFT-185: Added build badge
2017-05-17  msbeardSENSSOFT-65: Added missing license header
2016-12-12  Rob FoleyFixed log clientTime being negative for some reason v0.2
2016-12-12  Rob FoleyAdded barebones HTML page for quick log testing. Added...
2016-09-22  Rob FoleyAdded test for selectorizeTest. Improved tests for...
2016-09-22  Rob FoleyOptimized selectorizePath after perf check
2016-09-22  Rob FoleyUpdated log url to use new default.
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyAdded dependency for sinon
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyAdded tests for sendLogs.
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyUpdated default logging url.
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyRemoved unnecessary variable assignment.
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyMerge branch 'interval-fix'
2016-09-21  Rob FoleyFixed issue with array reassignment for closure values...
6 days ago SENSSOFT-192
3 weeks ago SENSSOFT-175-integrate-webext-with-build
3 weeks ago SENSSOFT-214
3 weeks ago master
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