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19 hours ago  poorejcnew Bus Analytics Dashboard and supporting viz master
2019-01-24  poorejcMore Dashboard Improvments rel to Elastic 6.5.4, and...
2019-01-21  poorejcPull Request #3--Improved footer fo comply with Whimsy
2019-01-21  poorejcmore updates to dashboards and instructions for Metric...
2019-01-16  poorejcSENSSOFT-325: small syntax correction
2019-01-16  poorejc[PATCH]SENSSOFT-325: Upgraded ELK+Beats to v 6.5.4...
2019-01-15  poorejcminor README mod
2019-01-15  poorejcNew Dashboard Images for README
2019-01-15  poorejcAdded A/B testing viz to Dashboard
2019-01-13  Roy LenferinkUpdated footer to determine year when generating 3/head
2019-01-13  Roy LenferinkMerge branch 'master' of
2019-01-08  poorejcminor fix
2019-01-08  poorejcupdated README with new Dasboard Inst.
2019-01-08  poorejcUpdated/Added Dashboard, Updated Visualization
2019-01-08  poorejcUpdated/Added Dashboard, Updated Visualization
2018-12-31  poorejcupdates to readme-added context for dependencies, guida...
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