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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2017-05-25  msb3399Added dockerignore file. master
2017-05-25  msb3399Updated README to show how to update build site content...
2017-05-25  msb3399Updated ApacheSenssoft site pages
2017-05-11  msb3399Updated docker repos to point to official elastic stack...
2017-05-03  msb3399Added instrumented site demo that sends logs to ELK...
2017-05-03  msb3399Cleaned up docker. Removed distill source code. Simplfi...
2017-03-22  Rob FoleyAdded startup script docker-build
2017-03-22  Rob FoleyUpdated port for logstash. Updated distill context...
2017-03-22  Rob FoleyInitial commit for script to retry server startup until...
2017-03-22  Rob FoleyUpdated port to reflect change in docker-compose
2017-03-22  Rob FoleyAdded secret file for TAP to gitignore
2017-03-22  FoleyInitial (probably broken) commit of ported docker build
2017-01-12  Clay GimenezUpdated image colors and added inverted versions
2017-01-12  Clay GimenezInitial commit - Website 1.0
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