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9 days ago  Raymundo PanduroRemoving the ONI references with Apache Spot in the... master
2017-04-10  LedaLimaReverting changes in Edge notebook for flows which...
2017-03-29  Everardo Lopez... Update spot link to DockerHub
2017-03-29  Everardo Lopez... Update docker documentation with the correct DockerHub...
2017-03-14  Diego Ortiz... Improves UI Install documentation
2017-03-14  BryanMontesUpdate suspicious.html
2017-03-14  bryanmontesvremoving 2 break lines to change only 1 line fix
2017-03-14  bryanmontesvFixin line break type on css
2017-03-14  bryanmontesvFixing line break type on suspicious
2017-03-14  bryanmontesvBlack circles bug fixed
2017-03-07  natedogs911PR #26 aims to close spot-123
2017-03-07  Sean OwenAdd ASF license header to all source; restore MIT licen...
2017-03-06  natedogs911This closes pr #27
2017-03-06  Jon ZeollaCorrect link to slack channel
2017-02-20  Sean OwenAdd basic .gitignore file for Maven, IntelliJ files
2017-02-10  nlsegerlMerge branch 'master' into spot-43
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