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2017-08-08  LedaLimaUpdated the license file with the external components... master
2017-08-04  Raymundo PanduroCreating a release folder inside dev for release automa...
2017-08-04  Raymundo PanduroCreating dev folder with .rat-excludes files in prepara...
2017-08-01  Deon GriesselSPOT-212: [Ingest] [Proxy] parser not able...
2017-07-27  Ricardo BaronaSPOT-183: Updated SuspiciousConnects.scala error messag...
2017-07-27  Ricardo BaronaSPOT-166 Schema validation:
2017-07-27  Ricardo BaronaSPOT-166 Schema validation.
2017-07-21  LedaLimaFixed undeclared variable error in
2017-07-13  Everardo Lopez... Fix merge issues with master
2017-07-12  LedaLimaFormat corrections in license file
2017-07-12  LedaLimaAdded missing license for topojson.min.js file
2017-07-12  Ricardo BaronaSpot-197: Removing top-1m.csv file.
2017-07-12  Brandon EdwardsDeleted unused code in src/main/scala/org/apache/spot...
2017-07-12  natedogs911closes apache/incubator-spot#41 *duplicate PR*
2017-07-11  Moy ValdovinosRemoving Spot 0.9 references from documentation
2017-07-11  LedaLimaAdded missing ASF license to css and test files
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