descriptionApache Tamaya
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 5 Jun 2017 14:23:56 +0000 (16:23 +0200)
2017-06-05  Oliver B. FischerSet version information to the next development version. master
2017-05-25  Oliver B. FischerPrepared the next release. Set the version to 0.3-incub... vote-02-tamaya-0.3-incubating release-tamaya-0.3-incubating vote-0.3-incubating-02
2017-05-23  Oliver B. FischerDo not deploy the parent POM of the examples. I don...
2017-05-23  Oliver B. FischerAdded release notes for the 0.3 release.
2017-05-21  Oliver B. FischerWe don't want to deploy some artifacts as our build...
2017-05-21  Oliver B. FischerRemoved the dependency to tamaya-docs from the distribu...
2017-05-20  Oliver B. FischerUpdated my public key. (WTF!)
2017-05-20  Oliver B. FischerAdded my PGP key.
2017-05-09  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-270] Dropped the binary distribution of Tamaya.
2017-05-09  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-268] Upgraded the assembly descriptor used...
2017-05-09  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-268] Updated the Maven Assembly Plugin to versi...
2017-05-09  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-267] Don't generate source and default jar...
2017-04-30  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-144: Fix legal stuff.
2017-04-26  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-231] Corrected the role of several developers...
2017-04-26  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-231] Mark Struberg is an PPMC eremitus.
2017-04-11  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-208: Remove old style shell script
4 weeks ago release-tamaya-0.3-incubating
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14 months ago release-tamaya-0.2-incubating Added released tag.
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14 months ago vote-0.2-incubating-02
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22 months ago release-tamaya-all-0.1-incubating [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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