descriptionApache Tamaya
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 27 Nov 2017 20:48:59 +0000 (21:48 +0100)
2017-11-27  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-321: Adapt threshold to current state. master
2017-11-27  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-321: Fix javadocs
2017-11-27  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-321: Fix javadocs.
2017-11-27  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-321: Fix javadoc.
2017-11-26  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-321 Add ConfigurationBuilder to core API.
2017-11-26  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-321 Fixed test. getOrDefault must accept null...
2017-11-26  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-321 Fixed Javadoc.
2017-11-26  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-321 Add ConfigurationBuilder to core API.
2017-11-19  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-318 Fixed invalid tests. Null is allowed as...
2017-11-19  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-318 Fixed javadocs, removed requirement for...
2017-11-19  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-318: Reduce threshold again
2017-11-19  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-318: Reduce coerage threshold after SPI is moved...
2017-11-17  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-318: Fix build warning
2017-11-14  Phil OttlingerTry-out integration with travis
2017-11-14  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-318 Added default implementations for functional...
2017-11-14  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-318 Moved spi-support as API base implementation...
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20 months ago release-0.2-incubating Added released tag.
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