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29 hours ago  Aaron CoburnAdd acoburn to developer list master
10 days ago  Phil OttlingerMerge branch 'enumconverter-vs-null' of https://github...
10 days ago  William LieuranceEnumConverter works with null values
2018-11-21  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-362 Implement missing release method.
2018-11-20  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-364: Migrate to openJDK
2018-11-20  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-348 Clarified/fixed init routine, adapted test.
2018-11-20  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-348 Clarified/fixed init routine.
2018-11-19  Anatole TreschFixed issue, where default keys of a property source...
2018-11-19  Anatole TreschFixed test.
2018-11-19  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-361 Remove useless findbugs dep.
2018-11-18  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-274 Using Configuration as main API entry point...
2018-11-18  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-354 Support atomic configuration, similar to...
2018-11-18  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-360 Converter now handle also null values.
2018-11-07  Anatole TreschMoved collections, consul, etcd and hazelcast modules...
2018-11-06  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-274/353 Added revapi reports to control/report...
2018-11-03  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-355 Enable mapping of lists and arrays into...
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