descriptionApache Taverna Osgi (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2017-01-13  Stian Soiland... Updated copyright to 2017 master
2016-07-15  ThilinaManamgodaTAVERNA-1003
2016-07-15  M.G.T.R ManamgodaTAVERNA-1003 : changed the dependency version and adapt...
2016-07-15  ThilinaManamgodachanged the dependency version and adapt to the new...
2016-05-30  Stian Soiland... Note about building on Windows
2016-05-15  Stian Soiland... https for snapshots
2016-05-05  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-959 JSSE link
2016-05-04  Stian Soiland... README spring config typo
2016-05-01  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-959 Export restrictions
2016-03-14  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-935 bumped version to 0.2.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT
2016-03-02  Stian Soiland... Remove Eclipse .project files
2016-02-27  Stian Soiland... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-02-27  Stian Soiland... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.2.1-incubating-RC5 0.2.1-incubating
2016-02-23  Stian Soiland... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-02-23  Stian Soiland... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.2.1-incubating-RC4
2016-02-22  Stian Soiland... About spring modules
20 months ago 0.2.1-incubating apache-taverna-osgi-0.2.1-incubating
2 years ago apache-import-20150223 Donation of Taverna code base to...
3 years ago old/taverna-maven-plugin-pre-incubator-20141228
3 years ago old/osgi-launcher-pre-incubator-20141219
3 years ago old/commons-pre-incubator-20141219
3 years ago old/taverna-maven-plugin-0.3.1-maven-3.1
3 years ago old/osgi-services-pre-incubator-20141219
3 years ago old/maven-taverna-plugin-0.1.0 Converting SVN tags
3 years ago old/taverna-maven-plugin-0.3.0 Converting SVN tags
3 years ago old/osgi-services-0.1.0 Converting SVN tags
3 years ago old/osgi-services-0.1.1 Converting SVN tags
3 years ago old/osgi-launcher-0.1.0 Converting SVN tags
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