descriptionApache Taverna Workbench (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 13 Jan 2017 15:37:03 +0000 (15:37 +0000)
2017-01-13  Stian Soiland... Updated copyright to 2017 master
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... accept WorkflowBean Visitor
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... avoid Spring dependency in WorkbenchImpl
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... disabled report-explainer, enabled monitor-view, perspe...
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... avoid disabled-activity dependency
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... log4j dependency
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... Don't use CWL-activity-ui here
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... depend on log4j
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... Use Path instead of File
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... Use Path, not File
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... Use Path with RunService, not File
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... javadoc tweaks
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... kind-of update of taverna-plugins-gui
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... OSGI-based check for updates/notice
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... Fixed license comments
2016-10-24  Stian Soiland... osgi dependencies for looking up services
2 years ago apache-import-20150306 Donation of Taverna code base to...
2 years ago apache-import-20150223 Donation of Taverna code base to...
2 years ago old/lang-maintenance-20141220
2 years ago old/ui-api-pre-incubator-20150205
2 years ago old/ui-impl-pre-incubator-20150205
2 years ago old/ui-components-pre-incubator-20150205
2 years ago old/stringconstant-activity-ui-stringconstant-activity-ui-pre-incubator-20150205
3 years ago old/ui-exts-pre-incubator-20150205
3 years ago old/unrecognized-activity-ui-unrecognized-activity-ui-pre-incubator-20150205
3 years ago old/dataflow-activity-ui-dataflow-activity-ui-pre-incubator-20150205
3 years ago old/ui-components-maintenance-20150205
3 years ago old/ui-impl-maintenance-20150205
3 years ago old/ui-api-maintenance-20150205
3 years ago old/lang-pre-incubator-20141220
3 years ago old/ui-exts-pre-maintenance-20150205
3 years ago old/unrecognized-activity-ui-unrecognized-activity-ui-maintenance-20150205
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